[Imc-communication] UCIMC Video Working Group Statement of Apology

andrés apb at swissmail.org
Mon May 23 10:39:25 PDT 2005

Yes indeed. C'est vrai. Es cierto.

deva dijo el 23/05/2005 17:59:
> Thank you folks for the straight, unambiguous statement you have made 
> here. It indicates for people that you understand the implications of 
> the now infamous "statement"
> Especially living here in the U.S. - the belly of the beast as it were, 
> we all at times, in different ways, reflect the overarching arrogance of 
> this country. Reading your words, I can see that you understand this and 
> actively counter it in your own thinking.
> I appreciate and respect the openness of your statement.
> I think this is an opportunity to examine these things, and the 
> relationship to money and how it colors the thinking.
> Regards,
> deva
> portland imc contributor (and fellow videoista!)

imc-canarias (pero desde barcelona)

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