[Imc-communication] ongoing defamation of me using indymedia resources.

Cameron Gregg cam at earthanarchy.org
Thu Nov 2 06:45:22 PST 2006

remid at riseup.net wrote:
> Anna <anna at mail.nadir.org> a écrit:
>> we are having four emails by Mick who are replies to what Cameron cc'd
>> to imc-communication. Mick isn't subscribed and so i have to decide
>> whether to let them through to the list. i prefer to not make that
>> decision alone. should they be accepted?
> Hi !
> We discuss about this question during our last collective meeting.
> We did not produce any collective text, but we reached a consensus on  
> the following thoughts (That's means that the formulation is personal,  
> but the thoughts are collectives): We do not expect nothing  
> interessent from the Mick answers but as theses pending requests are  
> answers to a mail that is passed on imc-communication, we think that  
> theses « answers » have to be on this list too.
> Rémi for the imc paris collective.


You can read Mick's responses on the imc-darwin list, as they were CC'd 

Have a look down the bottom of the page here:


You will notice I have further responses to mick, but I only posted them 
to the imc-darwin list.

Instead of bringing discussion to imc-communication, perhaps people from 
around the planet could join the imc-darwin list, and help sort this 
dispute out.

There has been talk on various lists over the past year about building a 
workable conflict resolution process within the network. Perhaps this 
could be a start.


Sydney IMC

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