[Imc-communication] imc-radio update? + seeking audio files for kenya slum project

Fun Peace fuspey at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jul 17 06:53:05 PDT 2007

hi all, 

I know there has been much frustration previous in
regard to the imc-radio situation but does anyone have
any update on the situation and whether the server
will be back, with that imc-radio network back as it
was. If it is not going to be back there are probably
a lot of people, like myself, who have lost scores or
hundreds of hours of precious audio material. I have
many files there and I really need to access them and
get copies of them for continued work in Kibera,
Naorobi, Africa. I am not sure if there is any chance
of my getting these files, if anybody has any
information or any means of getting copies of them, it
would be much appreciated


dunk @ BCN (part of imc-africa listening nodes project
and Mataro contra g8 infopoint)

the article i wrote about my meeting macharia appeared
on imc-kenya, till that too went offline. it is
reposted on a related thread on imc-ie:

Macharias journey: Kibera and a story of Hope

more infos on macharia.

related audio interview, film, and links to writings
about Pastor Nick Macharia and the Tenderfeet project

photo album found at

Kibera slums, Tenderfeet and a vision of hope for
Kenya and Africa (interview 1)

The Tenderfeet project in Kibera, Kenya -(interview 2)

Tenderfeet - organisation in Kibera set up by Pastor
Nick Macharia

4 minute film made about the Tenderfeet project by
their US grassroots partner; LAHASH

WIKI info on kibera -

further info:
Interview with Pastor Nick Macharia (from Tenderfeet)
- Lahash blogspot - http://lahash.blogspot.com/
further info and extensive photo diary with Nick from

Jo French's website :
see : Two Faces of Nairobi B4 the K-Liberation (if you
are having difficulty finding it hold the CTRL button
on your keyboard and press the f key, when the
dialogue box appears type in Nick Macharia and press

Interview 1 with Pastor Nick Macharia was aired on the
Irish community radio station NEAR FM,
on the great show : majority world
http://www.nearfm.ie/index.html (that show goes out
on thursday at 16.30 - 17.30 (GMT) and again on friday
at 15.30 - 16-30, it can be listened to over the
internet or on the stations archived podcasts)

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