[Imc-communication] Indymedia North Carolina / Chapel Hill = dead

Richard Ginn richardginn at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 09:11:34 PDT 2007

I no longer have the site login information so I cannot do anything
with the site but I'd be willing to clean up the mess and start over
again, especially if some people wanted to play along.

Contact me any way you can:

richardginn at gmail.com

On 7/23/07, Alster <alster at indymedia.org> wrote:
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> Hi,
> it seems like Indymedia North Carolina / Chapel Hill has been dead for
> quite some while. Attempts to resurrect it have failed. When visiting
> the URLs of this 'approved/official Indymedia Center (IMC)' (which can
> thus be reached through the 'indymedia.org' domain name, meant to tell
> people that this is a serious IMC),
> http://chapelhill.indymedia.org/
> http://nc.indymedia.org/
> you come across a lot of racial hate, pro-nazi propaganda, commercial
> spam, exploitable security holes and other stuff which makes me think
> this web site should not remain accessible in the same way it is now.
> Unfortunately, this IMC seems to have evaporated, all of its mailing
> lists have not been moderated for a pretty long time and have thus a lot
> of emails pending for moderation:
> imc-nc:
>   333 pending,
>   owners: wsgural at juno.com, jdevins at email.unc.edu
> imc-nc-editorialimc-nc-editorial:
>   322 pending,
>   owners: wsgural at juno.com, jdevins at email.unc.edu
> imc-nc-announce:
>   127 pending,
>   owners: adm at decry.org
> imc-nc-tech:
>   284 pending,
>   owners: wsgural at juno.com, jdevins at email.unc.edu
> imc-nc-video:
>   102 pending,
>   owners: adm at decry.org, adonnycl at students.depaul.edu, ginn at cornell.edu
> To stop these mailing lists from continuing to act as spam traps, I
> suggest to deactivate all of them. I also suggest to deactivate the
> 'nc at indymedia.org' email alias.
> To stop the website from being continuously exploited and Indymedia
> users from being mislead, I recommend to deactivate the web hosting and
> to make site backups available to some reliable IMC techs instead. For
> the same reasons, I also recommend to set the DNS records so that they
> will point to the newly founded Carolina, USA, based IMC (whose exact
> name I'm not currently aware of).
> I also suggest to mark this IMC (ID 58) as dead in the IMC database and
> to remove any outdated information (contacts, URLs, feeds) which relates
> to it.
> All action should be taken in a way that it is revertable in case the
> IMC should be revived at some point.
> A copy of this email goes to all email addresses which are currently
> setup as contacts for this IMC in one or the other way.
> Should there be too many people thinking this is not the right approach
> for dealing with this situation, then I suggest all involved groups to
> decide for themselves how they will deal with this situation and how
> they assure the continued reliability of the infrastucture they maintain.
> Being aware it be the 'right' way to do it, but a way no mentally sane
> person would ever want to go, I will not try to convince my local IMC to
> make this an IMC process proposal and attempt to follow up on each step
> which would be involved. I think it is a pity that there is no other way
> to cause a formal disaffiliation of an IMC which has long been dead (but
> please do not include me in a on-list discussion on this topic at this
> point - you're welcome to email me personally or to start a new thread
> on this topic, though).
> Alster
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