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thanks to everyone who has contributed to this debate. Some parts I
liked, some I didn't like and I don't want to get into that now, just
this one thing: no matter whether we liked what Sofia wrote or how she
wrote it or that it was only her who replied for the group who started
this grant application: she got a lot of response and not all of it was
friendly. She took a lot and finally had had too much, said so and
unsubscribed. It's not surprising that there are differing perceptions
about whether that is reasonable or not, that we are all different and
would probably react different from her in some way.

I do assume that most of us have been in a more or less similar
situation - getting a lot of reaction, getting into the center of
attention in a way you never you never wanted to be, getting defensive,
vulnerable, sensible about it.

I think it's not fair to then send a bunch of emails telling her (even
cc'ing since she unsubscribed) that she shouldn't get emotional about it
and that yes, we were right and she was wrong. Even that she didn't have
a right to react this way.

I think it's perfectly fine to get emotional, to decide to stop or take
a break when we've had enough. And, compared to some of the mails on the
list, I think Sofia stayed amazingly rational for a long time.


bmedia at riseup.net schrieb:
> Quoting Victory ! <victory at riseup.net>:
>> For the tone of the list, I disagree that it has been harsh or
>> disrespectful. It has been both refreshingly honest and not  
>> aggressive. [....]
>> Overall I would say this
>> discussion was pretty healthy.
> this has been my perception as well.
>> One of the things that I haven't felt was healthy is all the alarmist
>> claims that the network is falling apart. I've seen people use "the
>> network is falling apart" or "the network will fall apart" to try to scare
>> people into making all kinds of decisions.
> amen to that.
> i realize that any kind of disagreement makes some people feel  
> uncomfortable. and, as has been expressed on this list, some people  
> take evidence of disagreement as "attacks." But there is a huge  
> difference between an "attack" and an authentic expression of ones'  
> thoughts. what i have seen over this list recently has been the  
> latter, not the former.
> in my world, it's more disrespectful to try to police the way other  
> people express themselves, than it is to just state what you think,  
> passion and all. i think there are a lot of very legitimate reasons to  
> be concerned about this (and past) mega-grant-seeking projects, and i  
> think they were well articulated here. this has been a productive  
> discussion in my opinion. but i liked it better before all the  
> postmortem about whether it was nice to say what we thought.
> Cat
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