[Imc-communication] [IMC-Tech] Resigning from tech work

groente groente at puscii.nl
Tue Feb 28 16:50:55 PST 2012

> Since many have decreased, for various good reasons, their contributions
> of expertise and time on the global Indymedia working groups and shared
> services management for the past years, and since some of these groups
> are either snigle person shows and/or effectively dead for a while now
> (imc process, listwork, imc docs working group, sos ticketing system,
> keyserver, DNS to a degree), and this gets worse with you quitting, I
> guess it's about time to declare the global collaboration and sharing
> aspect of this project dead.

oh dear, as imc-nl has always been rather autonomous when it comes to tech-infrastructure i've only recently joined this list and it comes as a bit of a shock to see it being declared dead now.

> Anyway, it may be about time to wrap it up on listwork and the other
> global Indymedia resources/projects/working groups. If there can be
> someone offering to host them, it would be good to keep archives for
> those who would like to reuse writeups of ideas, concepts, discussions,
> and all the good stuff the many contributors produced during the past
> decade this project has (mostly) flourished and done good. This is just
> a suggestion because I don't see how the mailing lists, wiki, DNS and
> IRC are going to continue to work if they are not managed by volunteers
> motivated enough to spend their time on doing so (actually there are
> some people motivated to do it for IRC, but I think they do not/no
> longer consider themselves to do so as part of Indymedia volunteering).

well, before pulling any plugs, is there any clear picture of which services are unmaintained, which of those are still actively used and how people can contribute to keep these alive?

> Keeping them in an unmanaged state would be irresponsible since it could
> result in servers getting hacked, credentials or personal information
> leaked and all those things you don't generally want to happen.

i'd be happy to play server janitor here and there if that helps keeping services critical to indymedia in the air.

> Someone might call this whining, to me it's more stating the facts, and
> while it may be demotivating to discuss how to deal with the situation,
> not doing so would be worse.

to me it sounds like it's time for a bit of a cleanup and reorganisation..


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