[imc-commwork] "LOCAL FEATURES - bottom right hand column" (Cyprus IMC syndication to indymedia.org)

Sue Scandale sue_scandale at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 23 11:42:39 PST 2007

Hi - 

My name is Sue Scandale, I'm one of the founding
members of the Cyprus IndyMedia Collective.  I'm
contacting this list for assistance with our access to
the rss feed on the global IndyMedia site, which shows
features from each of the local IndyMedia sites.  

Recently one of the members of our collective wrote a
letter to the Features list explaining the problem: 

We received a reply from Bradley Stuart explaining
some steps for us to look into:

A quick note about the setup of the Cyprus IndyMedia
webpages - we have a static central page, located at
the address : 
that offers links for the viewer to select to visit
our three language sites (all using Dada software): 

  Turkce / Turkish language site

  Hellenic / Greek language site

  English language site

Further to the suggestions from Bradley, we have found
the following --

Suggestion 1: "First, make sure you have a working
feed of your features. If you use Dada (software), you
should have a feed working, but make sure to set up
the cron job that generates it. Email
support[-at-]dadaimc.org if you have problems."

Response : We have checked that this is, indeed, set
up for our sites 

Suggestion 2: "Next, make sure your feed is valid. The
free service at feedvalidator.org will let you know if
your feed has problems, just give it your feed's url.
If there are problems, turn to the appropriate source
of tech support mentioned in the previous paragraph."

Response: The feed is valid. 

Suggestion 3: "Then make sure your IMC is listed as
active in the Indymedia Contact Database, and that the
region is properly set."

Response: Cyprus IndyMedia is listed as active in the
Contact Database, with the region properly set

Suggestion 4: "Finally, make sure that you have a feed
registered in the contact database for your center
column features, you can see the feeds you've
registered here and you can check to see if your
feature feed is listed correctly by checking to make
sure it shows up in this feed of feeds."

Response: Our feed is registered, however the page
listed as our homepage is our central (static) page. 
It looks like if we change this listing so that each
of the 3 language sites (turkce/turkish,
ellinika/greek, and english) each are listed, it would
solve the problem of Cyprus IndyMedia's features not
showing up on the global rss feed.

In order to change the listing, I understand that we
would need to be able to log on to the imc database
admin at:

1) We would like to obtain the necessary log on
information to be able to edit the listing

2) We would like to hear any other thoughts or
suggestions for fixing this problem.

--Sue Scandale
Cyprus IndyMedia Collective

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