[imc-commwork] Problems with feed validator and enclosed URL

ben westbywest at riseup.net
Wed Feb 20 15:14:28 PST 2008


I'm having difficulties getting the feed validator at 
https://contact.indymedia.org/feedvalidator/ to accept the following RSS 
2.0 feed for the stlimc.org newswire:

In particular, the validator fails on the following error:

"The specified attribute value is not a full URL.
If this is a link to a web page, you must include the "http://" at the 
Otherwise, the valid values for a URL are specified by RFC 3986."

The offending line in the RSS feed is here:
length="37376" type="application/msword" />

I'm a bit confused, since the URL specified does indeed begin with 
http://, and it is a valid URL (can copy & paste into browser just fine).

This RSS feed is generated by the Drupal CMS currently running 
reboot.stlimc.org, no customization, and I've its built-in RSS feed 
function fine in other venues.

Ben West
westbywest at riseup.net

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