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Tsunami Relief Cymru – What can you do?


The newly-formed Tsunami Relief Cymru (www.TRCymru.org) is calling on creative talent across Wales to participate in a series of awareness and benefit events around Wales to raise funds for Oxfam International’s efforts to help victims of the Boxing Day earthquake in South East Asia and the devastating tsunami tidal wave.  


TRCymru aims to be a platform for artists and performers to contribute their skills to the cause.  Whatever your talent, whether you’re a band, a DJ, an artist, an actor, a writer or a film-maker and looking to make a difference, then contact us.  Are you a web designer, a promoter, a poet, a rapper, a juggler or journalist looking to chip in, then contact us.  We also need partner organisations, charities, campaigns, networks and individuals to tell us what they can do.


TRCymru’s Launch Event at The Coal Exchange, Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff on Saturday January 22nd features a host of top acts from around Wales.  Any acts wishing to join this bill should get in touch as soon as possible as the line-up will be announced by the end of next week.


Entry is by donation of at least £9 / £6 concessions and there will be information and stalls, a healing area and much more, including food donated by some of Cardiff’s Indian, Sri Lankan and Thai restaurants and takeaways.


Welsh Wave of Creative Compassion


Tsunami Relief Cymru promises “an array of creative expression and compassion” at this and other events being planned from Abertillery to Anglesey and Penarth to Pembroke.  It will create “a Welsh wave of support sweeping across the country”, culminating in the biggest ever charity gig in Welsh music history at The Millennium Stadium in June.  The leading names of “Cool Cymru” are being approached along with international headline acts to fill the stadium.


TRCymru has already united support from a wide range of stakeholders.  Companies, local authorities, organisations and individuals are being approached to provide goods and services in kind or to second staff for administrative, fundraising and other roles before, during and after the events.


What can you do?


If you can help in any way – perhaps you have a venue, a marquee, an act, a sound system, a van or absolutely anything that can help put on an event of any description or if you want to volunteer for this or other events, contact:


Gareth Strangemore-Jones

Tsunami Relief Cymru

(T) 02920 705716 

(M) 07915 386690 

(E) gareth at TRCymru.org 

(W) www.TRCymru.org 




·       More than 125,000 people are confirmed dead across several countries in South East Asia, including Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and The Maldives following the devastating underwater earthquake.  

·       The death toll is rising fast and could top 200,000.  It is feared that as many will die from diseases spreading due to contaminated water supplies and the breakdown of public health and sanitation systems.

·       More than 5 million people are homeless.  

·       Oxfam International is working with the Disasters Emergency Committee and others battling against immense logistical problems to distribute clean water, food and medical supplies to the areas of Asia that need it most. 

·       The global effort to mobilise humanitarian aid is already the largest emergency relief operation ever mounted.

·       Oxfam has also warned that this disaster may draw public attention and much-needed funds from other humanitarian crises such as that in Sudan and Congo.


About Oxfam

Oxfam believes that in a world rich in resources, poverty isn’t a fact of life but an injustice which must be overcome.  We believe that everyone is entitled to a life of dignity and opportunity; and we work with poor communities, local partner organisations, volunteers, and supporters to make this a reality.  Oxfam's goal is a world where every person is secure, skilled, equal, safe, healthy and heard.  

For more information, see www.oxfam.org.uk.


About The Coal Exchange, Directions + Map

One of the most remarkable transformations in Cardiff Bay has been that of The Coal Exchange in Mount Stuart Square, from commercial hub to arts and entertainment centre. Its imposing facade speaks of the days when Cardiff was growing fast to become the greatest coal-exporting port in the world – its wealth built on the “black gold” dug from the earth by the miners of the Rhondda and the neighbouring valleys.

Famous as a superb music venue, The Coal Exchange is a favourite for classical concerts, The Worldport Festival and very special Rock and Pop gigs, including massive performances from Robert Cray, Van Morrison, P.J.Harvey, Kelly Jones, The Manic Street Preachers, Lost Prophets, Hundred Reasons, Nils Lofgren, Feeder and Wheatus to name but a few.

On the Dance front, all the major local brands have visited The Coal Exchange including Time Flies (who took their name from the “Tempus Fugit” legend inscribed below our magnificent clock), Bulletproof, Hustler and L’America.  

For more information, see www.coalexchange.co.uk.  

For directions and a free online MultiMap, please click here.


About Campaign Promotions

Campaign Promotions is a PR, Communications & Events Company that specialises in promoting charities and campaigns.  For more information, click here.


For further information, interviews, photography, press/photographer/film crew passes, please contact:


Gareth Strangemore-Jones

Tsunami Relief Cymru / Campaign Promotions

(T) 02920 705716 

(M) 07915 386690 

(E) gareth at TRCymru.org 

(W) www.TRCymru.org 


What can you do?

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