[Imc-cyprus] so far so good....

Petros Evdokas ttetpos at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 2 21:09:52 PST 2005

Hello John,

What a relief!
I just checked the "splash pages" you generated for
each of the language braches at these links and I'm
happy they work:


Thank you very much.

If Stefani had not responded just now, or if you had
not acted so quickly and gotten things going, I would
have voted for generating the dadaimc instances (or
the splash- pages) on the basis of the other
subdomains, only because of the sense of control and
accountability among us - the recent lack of
responsiveness by some of our imc colleagues is just
plain poison for the morale among us.

Anyway, again may thanks from all of us John.

As for the next steps:

Thank you for updating us about the problems in the
new dadaimc sofrware that will require Spud's help.
Please don't feel under any tremendous pressure from
us... so far you've proven yourself to be so very
dependable and solid in everything we've set out to do
together. We feel that if it's in your hands it will
get done at a good and reasonable pace.

And many thanks to Andrew for his late night work on
the projects as well!

I know there was something else to write about, but I
can't remember right now (need sleep).

Many Thanks and Goodnight,

--- John Milton <john at johnmilton.ca> wrote:

> Hi:
> So, illich is now serving the 3 little 1 line splash
> pages using the 
> ".indymedia.org" names :-)
> Next step is for me to find out from Spud how to get
> the least buggy 
> installer I can, and then we can go ahead and
> install!
> I have been up a roof all day putting on shingles,
> and I feel like my 
> arms are going to fall off right now, time for bed,
> but I will contact 
> Spud tomorrow...
> ------       

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