[Imc-cyprus] Generous donations

solon antartis solon_antartis at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 2 06:09:14 PDT 2008

Dear friends

In the past three weeks we had the chance to connect and support members of the Free Gaza Movement.

Our help was extended to the activists of the group during their stay in Cyprus and prior to their adventurous sea trip to the shores of Gaza.  We heped with a contact needed with the authorities in Larnaca harbour.  We also hosted two members of the group -Ramzi Kysla and Osama Qashoo- in our place in Sofocleous during our absence in London.

Coming back from London we had a very pleasant surprise.  A printer scanner -Canon MP210- along with a book about Gaza and some spray paints were awaiting for us along with a very touching note from Ramzi as an offer for our work.  I tried contacting him to extend our collective thanks but wasn't able yet.

I feel that our tiny contribution was not worth so much but I am deeply moved.

I will also try contacting Angela to extend my thanks.



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