[Imc-dc-photo] Keep this site in mind---Also need help finding someone who can set up internet radio

Selina Musuta rayuku at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 30 06:04:13 PST 2004

Below is a note i recieved from a friend in the UK. 
Maybe we, video, aduio,print, etc, can hook up with
them. I'm going to send our outreach letter.

<<ppppps I have some ideas for getting video and audio
from the inauguration aired
over here. Check out this website -
www.camcorderguerillas.net - they make great
indymedia stuff, and also have access to a Cinema in
Glasgow. There is also another
in London that we could send stuff to. Will the video
all be in rough cuts? Could we
get hold of it and make a short film? Once I know
roughly, I can contact them and
see if they can do the production work/book a slot at
the cinema.>> 

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