[Imc-dc-tech] free servers

D. N. Russo dnrusso at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 2 07:50:10 PDT 2004

Hi Aaron
Thank you for the offer. We have a new tech volunteer, Miles, who expressed 
interest in helping the dc radio coop overcome its problem of running out 
of hard drive space by creating a linux, raided fileserver. We want to 
create a workshop out of the event, as well, this week. We need a 
fileserver to store lots of audio files, since now we just use Windows 
Networking and a the hard drives on the machines. Not a good model, since 
the workgroups are not working right, computers are becoming inaccessible 
in the workgroup, etc... wierd stuff. I wonder if it's XP related.

So, could one of these machines be able to become such a fileserver? I 
think we could pick them up this week and start working on them.

Thanks for your help. If this an acceptable use, when can we pick it up?

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>mutualaid.org is giving away two dual p2-450 servers with 1.5 GB RAM each.
>we might be willing to supply disks depending on the project. these machines
>are in very big cases - you must be able to pick up.
>email me if interested.

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