[Imc-dc-tech] is your dada site ready for j20?

john duda john at manifestor.org
Tue Dec 21 11:56:52 PST 2004

i'm curious what steps you all have taken to load-proof dc.indymedia
for the expected punsihment (dos and legit) it will take during the

i did a bunch of work making a static page cacher for nyc during the
rnc which kept it up more than vanilla dada would have, if you're
interested i can try to dig up this code....



this is where my public key can be found:
gpg --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --recv-keys 03817826
Key fingerprint = 6C11 8D70 2ADE EFA9 498D  72CB 77EA 391A 0381 7826

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