[Imc-dc-tech] Inauguration Tech Needs

Chris Strohm chrisstrohm at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 28 20:01:26 PST 2004


The following is a list of inventory and some specific
tech needs for doing independent media during the
inauguration. Please reply if you can help. Thanks.

What we have that works and is ready to go: 
8 PC3 computers
2 G4 computers
1 G3 computer
1 iMac computer

Computers we have that need work:
1 PC3: Disk Boot failure. Says to insert system disk.
1 PC3: Says drivers are not installed.
1 G3: Bad hard drive; needs RAM
1 iMac: Will not boot

What we currently need:
8 PC monitors
3 Mac monitors
3 Mac keyboards and mice
6 power cords
128 MB of PC100-322S RAM
10 Ethernet cables
2 printers with software/drivers

We also need to determine what software we want/need
on the computers we have.

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