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Tue Apr 11 22:13:48 PDT 2006

> Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 18:27:07 -0400

> Iraq Eyewitness: Americans talking about what
> they’ve seen in Iraq
> Iraq Eyewitness is a series of half-hour videos of
> presentations by or 
> interviews with people who have recently returned
> from Iraq ­ GIs, 
> independent journalists, and relief workers.
> These are views that rarely reach the mainstream
> media, yet are essential 
> to an informed understanding of the current
> realities in Iraq. They're 
> presented in an engaging and non-confrontational
> tone.
> Iraq Eyewitness is designed to reach those who still
> support the war. Since 
> it is unlikely to be accepted for broadcast on
> mainstream television, we 
> rely on volunteer distribution to community access
> stations across the 
> country. These stations primarily air local
> programs, such as high school 
> sports events, town meetings, and cooking shows, or
> government programming 
> such as the NASA channel. With a little help, we can
> bring the realities of
> the Iraq war to this broad audience.
> Community access TV stations are required to
> broadcast any non-obscene 
> material submitted to them by residents of their
> viewing area. Shorter 
> pieces such as these will often be aired multiple
> times. To find out your 
> station’s requirements, phone them and say you'd
> like to submit a half-hour 
> program on DVD for broadcast. Also, ask if they will
> accept the entire Iraq 
> Eyewitness series with one application.
> <http://iraqeyewitness.org/programs.html>Current
> List of Programs
> After fulfilling their requirements (generally,
> filling out a simple 
> application), contact us with the station's mailing
> address and we'll mail 
> the DVD(s) directly to the station at no cost. Our
> e-mail address is 
<mailto:mail at iraqeyewitness.org>mail at iraqeyewitness.org.
> All stations airing our programs will be listed on
> this website, so that
> your efforts will not be duplicated.
> Thanks for your interest and support,
>                 Eric Herter
> Eric is a filmmaker, a Vietnam Veteran, a leading
> member of Vietnam 
> Veterans Against the War and was the Vietnam
> producer for Associated Press 
> Television in the mid-90s. He now lives in mid-coast
> Maine where he is a member of Veterans for Peace.

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