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    Posted Nov. 24, 2010 for week ending Dec. 3, 2010
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 A new and dangerous 
phase of the class war has begun

	 After hearing the toxic rhetoric in the 2010 midterm congressional 
election campaign, it's more apparent than ever that some Republican 
politicians and their allies in right-wing media have set a goal to 
eliminate unemployment insurance, Medicare, food stamps, and the 
federally mandated minimum wage -- as well as to privatize Social 
It's ironic that the super-rich corporations and individuals who 
bankroll the Republican machine are the very same forces that caused the
 global economic meltdown by advocating reckless financial deregulation 
and billions of tax breaks for the nation's wealthiest citizens. But 
sadly, millions of frustrated voters, angry about obscenely high 
unemployment and a bad economy, were skillfully manipulated into voting 
against their own economic self-interest on Nov. 2nd.

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   Skepticism Greets New U.S.-NATO Afghan War End Date 
 Interview with Nir Rosen, author and journalist, conducted by Scott Harris

Upon the conclusion of the recent two-day NATO summit meeting in Lisbon,
 Portugal, President Obama and European leaders announced their 
agreement on a timetable that would have the U.S. and NATO countries 
transfer responsibility for security to Afghanistan's fledgling military
 and police by the end of 2014.
 Story continues


   While Washington Dawdles, Chinese Government Subsidies Boost Green Technology

Interview with Dan Esty, professor of environmental law and policy at Yale University, conducted by Melinda Tuhus

In recent years, China has become the world's leading producer of 
greenhouse gases -- having surpassed the U.S. in total, though not 
per-capita emissions. China is also the global leader in green energy 
technology production -- wind turbines, solar panels, transmission 
lines, and more -- as it moves ahead quickly to modernize its energy 
infrastructure. So while it's building a large number of new coal-fired 
power plants, the Chinese government is also providing massive subsidies
 to its green energy sector. Those subsidies have drawn sharp criticism 
from the U.S. and other countries, who say they create an uneven and 
unfair playing field in the international trade of green technology.
 Story continues


   Jim Hightower Urges Progressives to Stand Up and Take Action After GOP Election Gains

   Real Audio 


Interview with Jim Hightower, radio commentator and progressive populist,
conducted by Scott Harris

With a major defeat for President Obama and the Democrats in the midterm
 congressional election, there is no shortage of politicians and 
commentators offering explanations for the party's historic loss of 60 
seats in the House.  While many interpret the election result as an 
angry protest against a failed economy, high unemployment and a, "throw 
all the bums out" mindset, others say President Obama moved too far to 
the left. They say that if the president doesn't quickly move to the 
"right" and adopt parts of the Republican agenda, he will have a hard 
time winning re-election in 2012.

Story continues


  This week’s summary of under-reported news 
  Compiled by Bob Nixon
 The online ProPublica news agency reports British Petroleum's extensive network of oil and gas pipelines on
Alaska's North Slope has deteriorated to the point where severe corrosion poses a significant safety risk. ("With all eyes on the Gulf, BP Alaska facilities are still at risk," ProPublica, Nov. 2, 2010) Russian arms trafficker Viktor Bout faces charges in the U.S. that 
he conspired to sell shoulder-fired missiles to the rebel group, the 
Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia or FARC. His court testimony 
could be an embarrassment to Russia's intelligence service, the GRU, 
which allegedly covertly supports the illicit international arms trade. ("Russian intelligence supports dubious arms deals," Spiegel, Nov. 17, 2010; "Accused arms dealer pleads not guilty," New York Times, Nov. 17, 2010). A new generation of electric cars is about to hit showrooms. ("Electric cars are charging into the marketplace,"Los Angeles Times, Nov. 17, 2010; "Charging Ahead," E-The
Environmental Magazine,  Sept/October 2010, p. 22-28, "The Evolution of a Revolution," Union of Concerned Scientists, in Catalyst, Fall 2010)
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