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Thu Nov 5 09:29:34 PST 2009


I'm planet-mail (dave) - i've volunteered with indymedia london / uk  
for a few years and am interested in reporting on events around the  

I know around 10 alternative media / citizen journalists who are  
coming to copenhagen to help report on the summit, mobilisations,  
alternative conference etc and there are a few questions and maybe  
some suggestions.

First, about the indymedia dk website - as it might get really busy  
during the cop15 with a lot of workload, there are a few people who  
might be able to help out.  I know the website uses the same code as  
some uk websites, and therefore there are some people here experienced  
in doing maintenance and admin. However, they do not speak danish, so  
would only be able to work with english content. What do you think?

This year we've seen the increase in use of corporate communication  
tools like twitter and flickr and how people are using them to make  
reports about protests and demonstrations etc  Also more and more  
people and activist groups are now using these tools as well as  
publishing more on their own websites and blogs. We saw this very  
clearly with the reporting of the G20 in London uk and the G20 in  
Pittsburgh usa, as well as with climate camp actions this summer in  
the uk.

In response to this the Pittsburgh indymedia people made a seperate  
webpage (G-infinity Media Project) to aggregate content from many  
sources together in one place. It did not replace their indymedia  
website, but linked directly to it. You can see it here:  

For the cop15 there's going to be a lot of content produced and it  
makes sense to highlight as much movement content as possible - so  
some of us wondered if you think a similar webpage would be a good  
idea - to bring together movement press releases and statements,  
twitter reports from protests, flickr pictures etc?

I think it makes sense to take this approach, highlighting the  
information streams, but putting it in context - but keeping a layer  
of separation between it and the indymedia website.

What do you think about that - would you be happy if people made such  
a website and have it linked with indymedia.dk?

Finally there's an idea to put a call out for participation from  
alternative media people to help in the reporting of cop15. Would you  
like to help prepare this call?

Obviously many people are already coming to report for their own  
websites / blogs / organisations, but it would be nice to encourage  
them to also post to indymedia.dk

Also for people who are interested in working together and  
participating, would it be best to publicise as a contact email this  
indy.dk list, or the cop15-mediacenter one, as i imagine a lot of the  
emails would be in english!

Hope that makes sense!
In solidarity,

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