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hi all

A note regarding my plans for reporting during the Klimaforum09

*Basically I will be publishing video and text and images for the
Permaculture TV video cooperative* http://Permaculture.TV

we are always looking for cooperators on the project Skype / GMAIL *
*Permaculture Cooperative*

We have been researching and developing 3 inter-related cooperative projects

   1. *Permaculture.TV* - a video cooperative http://Permaculture.TV
   2. *Gaia Permaculture* - a local-global framework for planetary
http://gaiapermaculture.com/projects/gaiapermaculture/blog/ (NOTE
   Tony Andersen and the 10 000 Trees avoid use of Gaia "not specific enough"
   3. *Permaculture.coop* - a global permaculture worker cooperative
   movement - in the Mondragon worker cooperative mode
   http://permaculture.tv/?s=mondragon &

Last year I volunteered in the media and documentation team at ESF2008 in
Malmo, and this year worked on Scotland and London Climate Camps
http://permaculture.tv/?p=392 or http://permaculture.tv/?p=339 .

Have about 10 years experience in internet and media (newspapers, web,
radio, video, multimedia), 5 years in project management/producer work... a
few years in community sector (arts festivals etc) and now a couple in
grassroots-activist work

*Klimaforum09 and Permaculture TV*

As you know, a key organiser of Klimaforum09 is a Copenhagen architect and
permaculturalist, and he has authored a document called 10 000 Trees: A
Practical Response to Climate Change.

Tony Andersen - What is Klimaforum09 or ClimateForum09?

Planetary Permaculture: A Global Strategy for Climate Change - Tony Andersen
of Klimaforum09

There will also be a number of sessions during Klimaforum09 organised by
Permaculture International

   -  Tuesday 8th, 10-12am, Venue 4, Title: From activist to grassroots
   (120), Organisation: Permaculture International, Contact: Tony
Andersen - Klimaforum
   - Thursday 10th, 1pm-3pm, Venue 6, Title: 10.000 threes (120),
   Organisation: Permaculture International, Contact: Tony Andersen -

I have started to write-up something of a plan for Klimaforum09 coverage

Klimaforum09 Mandate - Local permaculture people create Gaia

Klimaforum is part of a global permaculture design process that seeks to get
activists and grassroots talking and working together, the research, develop
and implement a radical, democratic, planetary permaculture program which is
called 10 000 Trees: A Practical Strategy for Climate

*Klimaforum09 as Gaian User Centered Design*

*From the 10 000 Trees document, we get the outline of the project;*

   1. THE 1 TON CO2 10.000 TREES PROJECT - overview of the problem and the
   2. Permaculture - the idea, practice and global and local success
   3. Climate Change - the massive catastrophic problem
   4. Carbon sink - a new category for locking, permanently ecology as
   carbon sinks in forest and soil
   5. More than 10,000 TREES per. person per. lifetime - a requirement for
   local-global perennial polycultural replanting
   6. Less than 1 TON CO2 pr. person pr. year - global energy descent and
   emissions reductions targets
   7. The U.N. Climate Conference 2009 / COP 15- the failure of the official
   process, danger of carbon finance
   8. Parallel activist and grassroots Conference - Klimaforum as
   user-centered permaculture design
   9. The Permaculture network - massively expanding a global, democratic,
   locally-controlled permaculture network

Its a radical scaling-up of the what the Transition Towns
to “take responsibility for action and then unleash the creative genius that
resides within us personally and collectively in our communities”.

Transition Towns focus on the level of small-towns. While the Klimaforum is
operating globally, with grassroots and activists working together to
unleash their own creativity within a commonly understood framework for
radical global permaculture.

Nicholas Roberts

skype permaculturecoop
email permaculturecoop at gmail.com
phone +1 415 670 9710
plans http://gaiapermaculture.com
video http://Permaculture.TV
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