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i'm marc from Indymedia La Plana (a small imc near barcelona). We are
now working in migrating from DadaIMC to Drupal. I'm not going to
discuss if Drupal or Plone based solutions are better for indymedia, i
think them all are good and well suppported enough to fit our needs for
some time. In fact, we choose Drupal only because we know PHP
programming and I've been working for years with Drupal=deep know how it

For know we have a base system (without coding a line) suitable for all
imcs that want start playing with it and are working in a module that
migrates contents from DadaIMC. For now dada2drupal module only migrates
categories and features (editorials) on a monolingual site but we are
trying to make it as generic as possible to facilitate others dada users
migration. Our deadline for migrate module finish is march 2007.

Dada imc page: http://laplana.indymedia.org
Devel drupal: http://wendy.sakeos.net
Open subversion repository (not very stable, is my home computer):

If someone is interested in working on dada2drupal module please tell
me. We do all work through our local imc list.


PD.- Sorry for my poor english ...
"Si buscas resultados distintos, no hagas siempre lo mismo." Albert

SIP: marc at ekiga.net                   JabberID: marc at sindominio.net

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