[Imc-europe] Post-Katrina documentaries in Europe this summer

Tony tony at cactusnetwork.org.uk
Fri Apr 11 08:02:26 PDT 2008

>Greetings. My name is Arthur and I am the co-director
>of the post-Katrina documentaries "Down But Not Out"
>and Dos Americas: The Reconstruction of New Orleans."
>I will be in Europe between May 26-June 12 and would
>like to screen the film in London. let me take a
>minute to introduce the films.
>  Down But Not Out: This film was created in 2006 one
>year after the storm. Survivors give first hand
>accounts about their horrific experiences during the
>storm. Racism, human rights violations, and their
>opinions about post-katrina reconstruction are all
>Dos Americas: The Reconstruction of New Orleans: My
>colleague and I traveled back to New Orleans in
>January 2008 to document the growing Latino
>population. Tens of thousands of (un) documented
>Latino workers have greatly contributed to the
>reconstruction efforts. The film also captures the
>demographic changes in the once dominant black
>southern city.
>I am hoping we can organize a screening in London
>during my time in Europe. I do not charge a screening
>fee. does UK IMC have contacts in Paris and Italy? I
>tried going on their sites but the language barrier is
>an obstacle. I am also sending the flyers for our
>films and a link to the trailer for Dos Americas.
>thanks for your time and I hope we can organize a
>screening. In Solidarity, Arthur
>trailer link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=2zbIUn3s0h0

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