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Jaap den Haan.Saturday, Feb. 12, 2005 at 7:49 AM

A new government in Uruguay.

 March 1, 2005 the newly elected President of Uruguay will be inaugurated and its socialist government instated.  
  One of the guests will be Daniel rey Piuma, Tupamaro and Resistance fighter against the Junta of Uruguay and Argentina in the 1970' s, who flew from his country to The Netherlands, where he became naturalized as a Dutch citizen; lately working as an Artdirector of the City of Amsterdam. In recent years Daniel's work as a spy in the camps of the Junta of Uruguay, where he gathered crucial evidence of torture and massacre, which he passed on to the United Nations, was brought back to memory by a controversy around the Wedding of the Dutch Crown Prince with Maxima Zorreguieta.The position of Jorge Zorreguieta, not as the father of Maxima, but as former Minister of Agriculture of Argentina in one of its most critical and suppressive episodes became disputed from an unusual angle, also to Daniel. 
  The road of civilisation has strange curves, sometimes. 
  Daniel held a one man Demonstration on Dam Square in Amsterdam, being one of the last and only, unexpected survivors of Resistance in his country against the rightist repression of his people. His intention were to defend and uphold the historical truth, which had been publicly denied, in his view, and to serve the course of objectivity and democracy in Uruguay and Argentina in the first place, and The Netherlands and every other nation struggling with its history, and its destiny in this way, in the second place.  
  This fact caused him to be arrested by the Dutch police for having offended the Monarchy, and he was forced to go to Court in a trial that can ordinarily never be won because of Constitutional Immunity of the Royal Family in The Netherlands.Daniel was found guilty at first, but took his case to the High Court of Appeal. After a new trial, in which he had to defend himself against the State for nearly two years, he became the first in Dutch history to be relieved of all charges in such a case, since the laws relevant to it, including the very Constuitution Itself, had been written. 
  March will mark the beginning of a new era for Uruguay and Latin America, now that a more and just society for all may be accepted without any further, official and symbolic denial of the truth and those who have defended it on behalf of its adherents or participants, and their own people.  
  The truth indeed is a matter of past, present and future, and in that order of appearance now it offers a great opportunity. 



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