[IMC-Finance] PROPOSAL dl: 20/05/2006

aurele at riseup.net aurele at riseup.net
Sat May 6 03:47:33 PDT 2006

Hi !

We need money in order to pay our advocate and the justice fee (and  
perhaps the amends).

We managed and we will continue to manage happening restaurant (at  
free price) in order to raise funds by ourself, but this is not enough  
and as everybody here, we are not full time on indymedia.

We need about 2500 EUR more to pay the advocate etc. Another trial is  
coming, but the investigation phase is not finish yet.

So we ask for 3000 EUR to be transfered to our advocate bank account  
(she will manage after that).


PS: this request was decided by the collective, BUT this mail was  
alone-written, so I am sorry for the way I wrote it if it is not well  

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