[imc-france-nouveaux] Re: [New-imc] IMC Binghamton deadline for new-imc process? [ and the situation of imc-grenoble ]

joe ttx joe.ttx at blablaxpress.org
Ven 15 Oct 01:10:19 PDT 2004

Le 13-oct.-04, à 17:30, Bill Huston a écrit :

> Hello New-IMC,
> I have just observed IMC Grenoble being admitted being approved
> by new-imc and passed on to process. What does it take to get
> a deadline?



suite à des problèmes avec mon email, [joe.ttx at indymedia.org] j'ai 
envoyé l'application deathline pour le cmi de grenoble avec une autre 
adresse email [jnapolillo at collectifs.net] qui a du passer par la 

Le mail d'approbation a lui été envoyé avec l'adresse enregistrée 
[joe.ttx at indymedia.org] et est semble-t-il arrivé avant le mail cité 

Suite à cette distortion, il me semble plus serein de relancer la 
procédure 'application deathline', que je ferais lorsque 
l'enregistrement de mon nouveau mail sera passé par la modération.



Following problems with my email, [ joe.ttx at indymedia.org ] I sent the 
deathline application for the imc-grenoble with a other email adress 
[jnapolillo at collectifs.net]  who has to pass by moderation.

The mall of approval has to him sent with the recorded address [ 
joe.ttx at indy]  and east seems it arrived before the mall quoted above.

Following this distortion, it seems more serene to to me to start again 
the procedure ' deathline' application, than I would make when the 
recording of my new email will have passed by moderation.

in solidarity


> IMC-Binghamton has been in process for almost 2 years, and has
> been quite actively persuing IMC status again for the last 3 months.
> I believe we have meet all the criteria at least to the degree
> that Grenoble has.
> Please visit the following pages to learn more about our
> group:
> Docs, including charter + bylaws: 
> http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Local/ImcBinghamton
> Newswire site: http://binghamtonpmc.org
> Mailing list: 
> http://lists.indymedia.org/mailman/listinfo/imc-binghamton
> Jay Sand has been working w/our group as a liason.
> Additionally, Brian Szymanski (ski at indymedia.org) has visited
>   our group several times and is aware of our efforts.
> We are very active in video and radio work. We have sent videographers
> to the Boston Social Forum, and our video footage of an unlawful
> police detainment there was used on Democracy Now!
> We also are editing a documentary now about the RNC demonstrations,
> as we followed a local School of Americas Watch group.
> We've taped Michael Moore in Syracuse, a Justice Watch forum about
> police brutality and racist judicial misconduct in Scranton PA.,
> a 9-11 peace panel in New Milford. We have upcoming projects to
> document a local Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate, and
> some representives of the Binghamton-El Charcon Sister Cities Project
> from El Salvador.
> We have submitted our new-imc forms, and we will cooperate in any
> way possible to move this along.
> Best Regards,
> Bill Huston, Binghamton Progressive Media Center/ IMC-Binghamton 
> (provisional)
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