[Imc-g8-2005] IndyMedia Coverage @ G8

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Tue Nov 30 03:06:56 PST 2004

Hi Svea,

this sounds fantastic! Great if you could come with all your tech 
equipment! At the moment I am working on getting a building for IMC in 
Edinburgh, but if you could come early, that would be very appreciated, as 
our Indymedia project in Scotland is still quite young, and this is the 
first big project and meeting we ever had here in Scotland.

Have forwarded your mail to Indy scotland discussion list, too.

Will get back to you a bit later, when more time, so far it could be said, 
that there is mainly Indymedia UK with the subsection on the G8 
http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/actions/2005/g8/ reporting and Indymedia 
Scotland, which has both a subsection on Indymedia Uk 
and an independent website : http://scotland.indymedia.org/.
There hasn't been any decision yet made about video and film nor about 
audio; there are some video and film collectives for sure, which are coming 
over, some local community video projects and film makers,  who are 
interested in collaborating and some activist video collectives such as 
Undercurrents or the local Camcorder Guerillas, who will be there, too.

Not quite sure how to best organise video collaboration, what would be your 
best experience and advice on how to best organise?
For the legal issue, there is a legal group- 
g8arrestsupport at lists.aktivix.org which is planning to arrange legal 
support, and of course they will appreciate your help and expertise, too, 
if you would like to subscribe, that would be brilliant.

chao and thanks very much, we are all looking forward to meeting you, your 
friends, (and of course your tech equipment)!

telephone contact for all and everything so far via:
ACE (autonomous Centre of Edinburgh), 0044-131-4769548staffed tuesday 
afternoon and sunday afternoon, otherwise answermachine

On Mon, 29 Nov 2004 11:52:21 -0800 (PST), Svea Eppler <sveasca at yahoo.com> 

> Hello folks,
> My name is Svea and I'm an IMC volunteer in the
> United States. My husband, myself and two other IMC
> volunteers from our area are travelling to the G8 to
> help cover the protests. We have a ton of tech that we
> regularly haul with us to cover lage protests - we
> would like to know what other IMC folks have planned,
> hope to work on, and how to hook up together during
> the week of the protests.
> We're Video/Audio/Legal folks. All of our video
> equipment is NTSC format, but can export to firewire
> and convert camera/deck to camera/deck. Also, among
> other things, we plan to bring 1 external firewire
> harddrive and two internet friendly working laptops
> with editing software.
> Does anyone know which IMC group or what local
> organization in the Edinburough area is working on
> video/media stuff? The Dissent! group appears to have
> disassociated themselves from Media working groups -
> does anyone know other Media working groups in the
> area?
> From experience, our mini working group has found
> that it helps to start talking logistics far in
> advance of the actual event.  And since we have
> several immigration/visa issues that we're trying to
> solve to be able to attend the protests, we're hoping
> to touch base with working groups asap to work them
> into our own logistics.
> Cheers!
> Svea.
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