[Imc-germany-print] Two conferences on Social Capital and on Economy and Community - Call for Papers

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Thu Dec 30 05:46:58 PST 2004

Two conferences on Social Capital and on Economy and Community - Call for Papers 

The Social Capital Foundation invites all interested persons or organizations to present a paper to one or both of its upcoming international, interdisciplinary conference that will be held respectively on September 21-22, 2005 and September 23-24, 2005 in the beautiful island of Malta. 

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: 

Conference on Social Capital, 21-22 September, 2005: 

1. Definition of Social Capital, 
2. Importance of Social Capital, 
3. Social Capital and Social Cohesion, 
4. Social Networks, 
5. Social Capital and Mental Health, 
6. Individualism and Collectivism, 
7. Measurement of Social Capital, 
8. Applications of Social Capital, 
9. Community and Diversity. 

Conference on Economy and Community, 23-24 September, 2005: 
1. Neoliberal Economics and compatibility economy-society, 
2. Survival or Dismantlement of Rhineland Capitalism, 
3 Decline of the Middle-Class Economy, 
4. Social Restratification and the Share of Wealth, 
5. The Future of Employment, 
6. Poverty and Social Exclusion Issues, 
7. Impact of the Euro on the European Economic Health, 
8. Compared US-EU Monetary Strategies, 
9. Economic Future of the European Union. 

Paper proposals may take the form of a detailed abstract (1page long). 

To have more information on either conference, please use the links below:

TSCF international conferences <http://www.socialcapital-foundation.org/TSCF/TSCF%20conferences.htm> 

Registration Info <http://www.socialcapital-foundation.org/conferences/registration.htm> 

Conference on social capital-presentation (PDF <http://www.socialcapital-foundation.org/conferences/conference%20on%20social%20capital.pdf>) 

Conference on the EU economy-presentation (PDF <http://www.socialcapital-foundation.org/conferences/conference%20on%20economic%20future.pdf>) 

Registration form for conference on social capital (PDF <http://www.socialcapital-foundation.org/conferences/Registration_Form-2122.pdf>) 

Registration form for conference on economy and community (PDF <http://www.socialcapital-foundation.org/conferences/Registration_Form-2425.pdf>) 

Address where to send a paper  <mailto:conferences at socialcapital-foundation.org >

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