[Imc-germany-print] Worldwide alert - evil tyranny in Southern New England want to force public

aaron masciotra aaronmasciotra2001 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 9 17:42:28 PDT 2006

      Aaron Masciotra

     I am going to send you a 20 page word document that outlines in detail 
monstrous and ongoing civil rights violations where I have  been under 
attack for six years in four states as a result of what began with the 
Somerville police  of Massachusetts which is common knowledge in the city of 
Boston. That continued in the  DOC and DMH in Massachusetts- the public is 
actively involved in this. It started up again amazingly enough with the New 
Haven police,  New Haven District courthouse, and the DOC and DMH in 
Connecticut. I have everything documented and have witness for every step of 
the way this has been going on for the last six years. I am approaching you 
at this time to ask your help in bringing this public, I believe if this 
went to federal court this could turn into the largest and most important 
civil rights case in modern American history. After reading what I wrote I 
think you will agree with me. This is such a huge situation I feel I have to 
go outside of Southern New England to force this public and to trail.

For the glory of American civilization I would like to make everyone 
involved in this look like the real evil cowards they are and destroy them 
in federal court. I would like to come under the protection of your rights 
to publish and issue a worldwide alert, and put  the 20 page document on IMC 
web sites around the world and the US.

Sincerely yours,

Aaron Masciotra

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