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Our men were too heavy with their great bootyto catch him.
Peake rode across, tofind two Australians whose Bristol had been hit in the radiator, overDeraa. He smiled and nodded, saying, Their heads always pop, like that.
In Damascus, said I gaily; and rode on, having made anotherenemy. The Bulgars, when theycame, had massacred the Turks; as they retired the Bulgar peasants wenttoo.
The parties of the night returned, full of spoil. Winterton and Jemil came behind in the supporting car.
It was a long ride down a gentle slope and across a hollow. Therefore, for everysensible reason, strategical, tactical, political, even moral, we weregoing on.
Some we handed over to the British, whocounted them again: most we boarded-out in the villages. So we listened, till there came a crash within the furnace.
So late in the afternoon we halted for Tallal and Nasirand Nuri Shaalan to catch up. They were glad, though astonished, to meet friends.
CHAPTER CXVINasir, Nuri Shaalan and Talal had overshot us in the dark.
It was a long ride down a gentle slope and across a hollow.
They were glad, though astonished, to meet friends.
They had better stay in Azrak, till Deraa fell and wewanted them to help us into Damascus. The rank and file of Turks had been farmed out to remote villages, to earntheir keep.
The blood cameout with his heart beats, throb, throb, throb, slower and slower. They were glad, though astonished, to meet friends. Some grey heaps seemed to hide in the longgrass, embracing the ground in the close way of corpses. Yet, till we knew, we must retain Sheikh Saad.
Suchremnants as avoided out of the hands of the Arabs would reach Deraa asunarmed stragglers. Away to the east appeared three or four black knots of people, movingnorthward. If they coulddelay the enemy only an hour .
We ran on to overtake their pursuers,our great Rolls very blue on the open road. 
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