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fyi - call also now online here:


COP15: Call for Indymedia / Alt-media for Copenhagen - Be The Media!

This is a call for participation in the Indymedia / Alt-media
reporting of the massive Cop15 Climate Conference in Copenhagen, and
the protests, actions and meetings around it.

There less than 20 days until the Cop15 starts (7th-18th December),
and the majority of protests will occur in the last week of the
conference (see below).

Denmark is a very small country and the experienced activists are
working hard, but they are very few compared to the thousands of
people who will come to Copenhagen. People are needed to help.

So far the international indymedia co-ordination is just gathering
speed, so this is a call for people to get involved - both people who
may plan to come to Copenhagen, and those who stay at home and who can
also help amplify the messages.


If you are coming to Copenhagen there will be an open access media
centre with computers to use:
The House of Solidarity: Solidaritetshuset, Griffenfeldtsgade 41 (see
google map: http://tiny.cc/cop)

Please let us know if you are coming and what kind of reporting you
plan to do - email the mailing list:
cop15-mediacenter at lists.aktivix.org   (or join it if you wish to be
kept up to date or help out, share reporting etc)
https://lists.aktivix.org/mailman/listinfo/cop15-mediacenter  (list
archive available to members only, open to join list)

There is also a wiki which has been started to co-ordinate here:

You can also email Indymedia DK at imc-denmark at lists.indymedia.org
(open public archive list)


Upload reports from copenhagen to the http://indymedia.dk website (Nb
the website will soon be upgraded to include many new features,
including video and audio players, and a mobile version available on
web enabled mobile phones, including mobile publish).

Climate IMC (http://climateimc.org) is also planning to cover the
protests and pull together as much of the reporting as possible - they
put out a call here:


If your website, blog or indymedia website has an RSS feed of Cop15
coverage then please let us know so that it can be included in coverage.

If you are uploading your content anywhere else, please TAG it with
"cop15imc" so that your media can be included in an aggregation of

If you plan any video or audio streaming then also please let us know!

You can add your info, or other sources that you know about here:


If you are going to use your mobile phone to publish pictures or video
or use Twitter, again, please TAG your media with #cop15imc

(NB other tags that are being used in connection with cop15 include:
#cop15 #climatejustice #cja #climateaction and others like #350ppm
#hopenhagen and surely more will appear)

The Indymedia.dk website will have a mobile version available for the
start of cop15 at http://mob.indymedia.dk where you can read the
latest news on your phone as well as submit short reports and pictures
directly to the website.


If you are not coming to Copenhagen then your help is still needed.
You can help by being online to participate in information gathering,
translating articles, recommending links, writing features, amplifying
and spreading the coverage across other websites etc

To participate, come to https://irc.indymedia.org/ and join the #cop15

More information will come soon about how to join in and help out.

You can also join the imc-climate-organising list here:

We hope to hear from you soon!
Be the media!


Cop15 International IMC Reporting Group on Indymedia dk





(also available via http://tiny.cc/cop )
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