[Imc-germany] Veranstaltungstip Berlin: Roundtable discussion and screenings - "Becoming media" - 01.12.2009

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Mo Nov 30 07:20:08 PST 2009

danke! klingt sehr interresant.

geht von uns jemand hin? hätte prinzipiell interresse. kommt wer mit?


init at nadir.org schrieb:
> Ein spannender Termin für Medienaktivistinnen:
> http://www.globale-filmfestival.org/de/node/3029
> Roundtable discussion and screenings - "Becoming media" - 01.12.2009
> December 1st
> 19h30
> New Yorck in Bethanien
> Mariannenplatz 2A
> Participants:
> - Ak Kraak: video activism network: http://akkraak.squat.net
> - KanalB: internet forum for video activism and video magazine:
> http://kanalb.org
> - Joanne Richardson: theorist and video artist: http://www.dmedia.ro,
> http://subsol.c3.hu
> - XL Terrestrials: team of psycho-media analysts and art practitioners:
> www.xlterrestrials.org
> - globale film festival: non-profit and non-competitive film festival
> focusing on urgent political topics: www.globale-filmfestival.org
> The former censorship of the mainstream media has now turned into new
> and more refined forms of disinformation, based on overload and noise
> rather than the removal of information. At the same time, the claim for
> the democratization of the media, which in the past 10 years gave birth
> to a large number of independent media
> projects, seems to have empowered the web 2.0 user-generated content
> platforms.
> What is the use of counter-information in such media environments?
> Does something like a "General Public" still exist?
> And what's about the media activism aside from the patterns of leftist
> propaganda?
> These questions are proposed as possible starting points for an open
> roundtable organized by Globale Festival together with filmmakers and
> groups who are making a political use of images, in order to think
> together and discuss different tactics and strategies. The participants
> will show one or more video excerpts taken from their own works or
> others which can be shown as examples to feed the discussion.
> Hope to see you.
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