[IMC-Global] CKUT Radio: Philippines out of the WTO

Stefan Christoff christoff at resist.ca
Fri Aug 13 17:15:20 PDT 2004

CKUT Radio: Philippines out of the WTO

Listen to an interview with Antonio Tujan of IBON an independent research
organization based in Manila. The interview explores the current social,
economic and political effects of the WTO on the Philippines, while
reflecting on the recent WTO negotiations in Geneva, which concluded on
July 31st.

The WTO negotiations have been projected as a breakthrough by economic and
political elites around the world, while social movements in the
Philippines and throughout the Global South stress that the Geneva
negotiations only illustrate the neo-colonial nature of the WTO.

The Geneva negotiations focused on key trade policy issues, which lead to
the collapse of the September 2003 WTO Ministerial negotiations in Cancun
Mexico, such as large Agricultural Subsidies maintained by northern
countries and the TRIPS Agreement (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual
Property Rights).

-> To listen to the interview with  Antonio Tujan of IBON visit:

-> For more information about anti-WTO movements in the Philippines visit:


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