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3 Piece Knife Set only 99p RRP £119.85
Enjoy the pleasure of using real oriental chef's knives, Superior quality and entirely crafted by hand, you can use them with meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, and for all cutting, slicing and chopping. The unique feature of oriental chefs knives is the special scalloped indentations that run the entire length of the blade which helps prevent food from sticking to the blade. Originally designed to prepare sushi, the scallops give you a very clean, precise and effortless cut, and prevent delicate foods like fish, thinly sliced beef or pork, cheese and cakes from tearing or ripping when sliced. The set includes an 8" chef's knife for carving and slicing meats; a 6" chef's knife for tasks like sandwich cutting and preparing vegetables and fish; a 4" chef's knife for finely chopping herbs and preparing fruits and vegetables. The knives normally sell individually for £29.95, £39.95 and £49.95, so you can see we are giving you a very special and valuable free gift. But, please act quickly as stocks of these knives are limited. 

We request a small charge to help cover administration, fulfillment, packing, handling and insured courier costs.


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