[IMC-Halifax] Barclaycard Initial, your first step to simplifying your finances

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Fri Sep 24 19:42:11 PDT 2010

**Barclaycard Initial credit card**

Barclaycard Initial, your first step to simplifying your finances!
 - One single, simple rate for purchases and cash advances. 29.9% APR typical (variable)

 - Start with a low, manageable credit limit that Barclaycard may later review and increase

 - Stay on top of your spending with free text reminders, five days before payment is due


Barclays prefer to say 'yes' so they designed the Barclaycard Initial credit card with sensible spending limits. Owning this card could actually help you rebuild your credit rating.
Apply online now and they will give you a response in minutes. So why wait? 


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