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Patrick Phillips patrick at newsparkproductions.org
Wed Apr 6 18:46:50 PDT 2005

Hi Houston IMC,

I am in independent filmmaker who has just completed a documentary 
entitled The Cost of War, which examines the human, personal, social 
and psychological costs of war through the perspectives of soldiers, 
veterans and military families who are speaking out against the 
occupation of Iraq. The documentary, filmed in Texas, is 50 minutes, 
and I am lucky to have several veterans from Iraq, the Gulf War, 
Vietnam and Korea traveling with me on the Texas portion of the tour to 
participate in a panel discussion and question and answer session after 
screenings. The dates for the tour are from April 15th through the 
24th. I realize the dates are approaching quickly, but the tour has 
been arranged quickly in order to work with the availability of the 
soldiers and veterans participating.

I’m looking for organizations and individuals who might be interested 
in helping to sponsor screenings in their local communities, whether it 
is helping to organize the event, providing suggestions for venues, or 
just helping to spread the word through their list serve. Any help is 
greatly appreciated. I am not looking to charge admissions to the 
events, as I want them to be an opportunity for communities to come 
together and discuss the topic of war with the men and women who have 
experienced it first hand. I will be traveling with all of the 
equipment necessary to hold a screening, from the projector and the 
audio equipment, so my needs are fairly simple: just a wall on which to 
project, and a link to the community.

Again, any help you can provide is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

In Solidarity,

Patrick Phillips
New Spark Media & Arts Collective
(979) 255-3997
patrick at newsparkproductions.org


"The first casualty when war comes is truth".
Sen. Hiram W Johnson 1918

Never before has truth suffered so greatly in time of war. This 
seeks to give voice to truth through the experiences and observations of
soldiers, veterans, and their families.

The Cost of War offers only a brief glimpse of the war in Iraq and its
incalculable human, personal, psychological and social costs, but it 
from a critical source - the perspective of those who have experienced 
first hand.

In The Cost of War, Iraq war veterans Marine Staff Sergeant Jimmy 
Massey and
Army Specialist Mark Wilkerson recount their views prior to deployment,
their experiences in Iraq, and how those experiences changed them. 
and loved ones of those called on to fight in Iraq recount how the
experiences of their loved ones have affected those they left behind.

Veterans of Korea, Vietnam and Operation Desert Storm provide a 
on these current wars, informed by their own experiences in those 
conflicts and the truths they came to know.

With an understanding of true patriotism born of experience, these men 
women explain why they reject the claim that supporting the war is
"supporting the troops. They represent a long established and rapidly
growing group of service members, veterans and military families who
challenge the notion that blind loyalty in time of war is the mark of 

The Cost of War explores the costs - in lives ended, families destroyed,
health sacrificed and dreams lost - of waging war. It is not a pretty 
with flags waving and music playing. It is the truth. It is a truth that
every citizen of this country who really seeks to "support the troops" 

How the story ends is up to us.
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