[HIMC] TONIGHT: The Least of These At Rice Cinema

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Wed Sep 30 10:46:47 PDT 2009

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Presented by Houston Indymedia and the ACLU Foundation of Texas

Wed Sept 30, 7 pm
Panel discussion afterwards

Rice Media Center <http://www.ricecinema.rice.edu/Events.aspx>
2030 University Blvd., Houston, TX

- Free Admission -

Last month, the U.S. government announced that it will stop imprisoning
families awaiting immigration proceedings at the T. Don Hutto detention
center in Texas.  The now-notorious facility was the subject of an ACLU/UT
lawsuit over the conditions in which families and children, many
asylum-seekers, were housed.  Among other things, children were required
to wear prison uniforms, were given very little educational programming,
and were sometimes threatened by guards with separation from their parents
if they misbehaved.  Though families will no longer be housed at Hutto,
the fate of family detention – and of immigrant detention generally – is
very much an open question, and will be an important barometer of change
under the Obama

Please join the Rice Media Center, the ACLU Foundation of Texas, and
Houston Indymedia for a screening of The Least of These, the acclaimed
documentary film that explores the human and political dimensions of
immigrant detention through the lens of the Hutto facility.  The screening
will be followed by a panel discussion about the future of immigrant
detention in America and the ways in which advocacy around conditions at
Hutto – including litigation, grassroots organizing and documentary
filmmaking – helped to create the important political moment in which we
find ourselves today.

Lisa Graybill (ACLU)
Barbara Hines (University of Texas School of Law)
Marcy Garriott (Producer, The Least of These)

This quiet and measured documentary about the history of Hutto doesn’t
paint ICE or management firm Corrections Corporation of America as the bad
guys. Instead, it shows them as victims of their own political and
commercial hubris and highlights the bleak comedy of their attempts to
justify a bad idea. But as the interviews with traumatized kids, parents
disabused of the American dream, and the lawyers that fight for them show,
it doesn’t matter how many Disney murals you paint on the walls – a prison
is a prison.”
-- Austin Chronicle

"Powerful and moving... a film about a fight for social justice that
forced change..."
- Mark Steiner, WEAA, Baltimore

More information about the film (directed by Clark Lyda & Jesse Lyda):
www.theleastofthese-film.com <http://www.theleastofthese-film.com/>
Link to Trailer on YouTube <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Bm0Fcc8t-8>

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