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hi debu,

On Wed, 23 Aug 2006, Debobroto wrote:

> Dear Mr. Boud,
> Greetings from Bangladesh.
> Many thanks for your kind mail. Also for the information.

Just a reminder (to avoid future misunderstandings): i'm just one
volunteer in the new-imc group, and i need to spend time helping my
local imc (city of Torun in Poland) organise as an independent, autonomous
collective, and also for private reasons, i might be slow to answer or
not answer at all.  Indymedia is non-hierarchical - so if one person (like me)
doesn't answer, then you just ask someone else, or better, ask a collective.

Another way of saying this is that i (boud) do not have any more political
rights than any other new-imc (or indymedia) volunteer. So if you disagree
with my opinion or recommendations, then you are welcome to ask other
people for their opinions or recommendations. In the new-imc group,
people try to explain what they think would be the preference of the
indymedia network about how to get organised as a group - but we may
be wrong. So the final, real decision gets made by the network as a whole
(imc-process mailing list) not by the new-imc working group.

So, for a few practical communciation points. i suggest:

(1) Go to http://lists.indymedia.org/mailman/listinfo/new-imc
and scroll down to "Subscribe" and fill in your email etc., after that
you need to reply to an automatically sent email to a robot. You should
also send a brief self-introduction (just a few sentences should be fine
since you've already sent in some info).  This way, when you send emails
to the  new-imc  mailing list, they will be automatically accepted without

Then, if i'm slow to answer you (which is likely), you can just email
new-imc and hopefully someone else will answer.

(2) All new-imc discussion and decision-making can be read in the

> However, as for our understanding, could you provide some more specific
> information regarding the procedure & policies of setting up the new IMC in
> Bangladesh. For instance the following -
> 1. After you have received the initial information (New IMC form) from our
> end, what is the next step?

Please look at:

(We have had problems recently with this server - please be patient if
there are problems and try again after a few hours or day or two. It would
be a good idea to save copies of useful pages on your local computer - hard
disk or floppy disk or cd or whatever.)

After reading the whole page, you'll find:


You will find a 10 step description of the whole process. You've already
done step 3 and maybe also step 1 (see the page for what each step is).

You'll also find:


in particulr these two documents for step 7:


> 2. Have the setting up of New IMC in Bangladesh been officially approved? If
> not, what is the procedure?

"official" approval is really a process of people getting to know each
other and the new local collective discussing what in practice could
be some difficult issues in creating a non-hierarchical, open collective.

In some formal sense (though nothing in indymedia is really permanent - this
procedure itself is, in principle, only a draft), official approval
is at the end of step 8.
See: http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Global/NewImcHowTo

However, in practice, as you get to know people in the network, your
collective will de facto already start to become integrated into the

All or any of you in the collective are welcome to subscribe to any of
the mailing lists at http://lists.indymedia.org without waiting for
"official" approval.

> 3. How and when can we begin the Indymedia operation in Bangladesh?

Indymedia is about being an open, growing collective of activists doing 
independent media - if you're already starting to organise, then you're
already doing indymedia.

If your question is more about a website, you're welcome to start a website
without waiting for the whole process to go through.

All local indymedia collectives use "free software" (meaning
politically free) - you are most welcome to choose one of these software
packages and install it on a computer and start a website:

> Who are our contact people there?

i don't remember anyone in indymedia from Bangladesh, certainly not
people who have remained active (once or twice maybe someone emailed
once and then we heard nothing more from him/her) - but there are
several people in Kolkata who are interested in indymedia, see:



     * sudip mukherjee - Kolkata - http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/imc-india/2006-January/0107-v8.html
     * sayan chakraborti- Kolkata - http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/imc-india/2006-January/0108-5f.html
     * daniel brett - Kolkata - http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/imc-india/2006-March/0321-vj.html

sudip? sayan? dan?

Making a single "Indymedia Bengal" might be too big - Kolkata alone is
big enough - but certainly close cooperation between IMC Kolkata and
IMC Bangladesh - "demolishing the border from below" - would be a good

> These and anything else you might think we need to know.

It would be a good idea to see the history of "IMC India" so far - 
it may (or may not) be useful experience to learn from:


Anyway, as i said, if i don't answer, just keep asking (politely :) to
new-imc and eventually someone else will answer.  Maybe sasha (schock)
could also help you go through the organising process?


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