[Imc-india] PROPOSAL: IMC India suspends until new collective DEADLINE 12.01.2006

Vidyadhar Gadgil vgad at sancharnet.in
Sat Jan 21 00:01:40 PST 2006

So where have we got on this? Nowhere, I fear, apart from some people
coming out of the woodwork and identifying themselves.

The obvious next step is for the old hands like
anivar/boud/vickram/harsh and any others to figure out how to get the
required information to the new people who are interested, so that they
can figure out what needs to be done. Some of the new people have been
doing minor housekeeping tasks (like me), some are entirely fresh. So
can the old hands now take the initiative, and do the needful?

On Fri, 2006-01-06 at 21:20 +0100, boud wrote:
> hi shivani,
> On Fri, 6 Jan 2006, shivani chaudhry wrote:
> >  
> > happy new year all imc-istas!
> >
> > am glad to see this discussion... as i'd also expressed an interest
> >in meeting people face-to-face some time back.
> > i live in delhi. does anyone else???
> gopal krishna from delhi used to be quite active (e.g. articles against
> toxic waste):
> http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Local/ImcIndiaWho#Delhi
> i added you to the page - click on "Register" at the top left to make
> yourself a new account if you haven't used the twiki before. A quick 
> warning: the twiki help info tells you to read all sorts of stuff before
> you get started, but getting started is not really that difficult - just
> login, click edit, make your changes, preview, and save.
> > also, is there any way that we can prevent messages to this list
> > from being available on the web?? all emails that we send to this
> > imc-india list can be read on the internet by anyone. (including
> > this one i guess!) and i don't like that!! this is supposed to be a
> > candid discussion list amongst us, not a view for all.
> It's definitely possible *technically*.
> Whether it's a good idea politically or not is a totally different
> question.
> And making a local decision on this is another, different question.
> In principle, the decision should be made by a local collective. If
> you get together with other people in Delhi and really get organised
> and come to consensus on the various issues
> (http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Global/NewImcHowTo), and then you
> decide you really need a secret list archive, well, that's your local
> decision.
> You can see a summary of the arguments for and against different list 
> parameters here:
> http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Global/NewImcMailingListIssues
> A few excerpts include:
> Indymedia is only Indymedia if it's open to everyone, and if it's
> non-hierarchical. Radical transparency helps achieve both of these -
> nearly all of our internal decision-making and organising is public
> via public mailing list archives, or else open face-to-face
> meetings. Ideas and actions that are not publicly archived are
> generally either technical and non-controversial, or else fail to have
> an effect on the network because people don't know about them and
> don't feel any obligation to take them seriously.
> And some advantages of public archives:
>            o openness
>            o easier for communication within group
>            o easier for communication between Indymedia collectives
>            o easier for the wider public to see what Indymedia is - are
>            we sectarian? religious fundamentalists? terrorists? an
>            attempt to impose US culture on the rest of the world? In
>            the present context of the WTO/IMF/WB/Bush II corporate
>            empire trying to divide and conquer and make people distrust
>            and fear one another, and given that Indymedia is still only
>            marginally developed outside of North/South America and
>            Europe, it is quite understandable that people around the
>            world who are very much angry with "the USA" might be very
>            suspicious about Indymedia if they could not read the
>            archives and see for themselves that we are not a branch of
>            the CIA...
>            o easier to resolve conflicts since the "he said this and
>            she said that" can at least be checked by a neutral party
>            much more easily than if the archives are secret.
>            o people who deliberately manipulate others are less likely
>            to do this in public: manipulation requires saying different
>            things to different people
> > what do others feel?
> BTW, just because i spend too much time at the keyboard, please do not
> take my suggestions or arguments as "authoritative".
> >
> > hope to SEE some of you in person, soon....
> >
> > and hope the new year brings us what we're fighting for and dreaming of...
> solidarity :)
> boud
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