[Imc-india] IMC Syndication problems reported

LA radiobuzzer at radiofono.gr
Sun Jan 29 07:15:17 PST 2006


Recently, we realized that some dozens of IMCs do not have a known RSS
feed. This means that the news of those sites are not automatically
published in the right column of www.indymedia.org, as it happens with
all the rest of the IMCs.

Unfortunately your site does not syndicate either. Maybe nobody has
notified the network of some existing feeds. Maybe your system code
doesn't provide an RSS feed and you will need to upgrade the code, add
some modules, or just talk to you technical team to take a look at it.

Please consider how important is to keep syndication alive, so as to
empower information provided by all indymedia wordwide. Please take a
look at it and notify imc-syndication , imc-tech (or me, if you are not
subscribed) for any results or problems you may face.

Things will be better, if a person (liaison) from your local IMC asks
for a password for the http://contact.indymedia.org to update the
information that refer to your site (and make the life easier for the

Thanks, and sorry for my english
LA from Greece

[this is a massive mail concerning the feeds for Ambazonia, Armenia,
Atlanta, Canarias (empty feed), Buffalo (broken links), Chiapas,
Chilesur , Colorado , Ecuador, Galiza, Grenoble, India, Kansas city, 
Lille, Madrid, Milwakee, Nice, New Jersey (broken links to rss),
New York City, Omaha , Qolasuyu,  Seattle,  Tampabay,  Toulouse]

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