[Imc-india] Harassment and Defamation

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Wed Mar 22 02:27:53 PST 2006

On Wed, 22 Mar 2006, Daniel Brett wrote:

> Can't someone just delete the offending comment? India Indymedia has a policy
> of removing comments that "contain personal attacks".


imc india has generally only had an "emergency, temporary" collective
for a long time - the idea is that local indymedias need to be autonomous
and manage their own stuff - the fact that someone living in poland 
has been (de facto) moderating discussion on imc-india is already a sign
that the collective is not terribly autonomous.

editorial policies (such as what to hide or not hide) take a lot of time
and energy in practice - the difficulty is the "borderline" cases - you
can't expect volunteer activists from other parts of the world to put in
the time and energy to do this on behalf of local activists. it's also
the political question of local autonomy.

anyway, i'm sure that pietro will hide this comment once he has time to
find what's wrong.


PS: nik - i suggest you work on the wikipedia page
and maybe it's summary at

If you wish to retain anonymity, then i recommend you create yourself a 
login (top-right) - otherwise your IP number will be revealed (wikipedia 
is *not* indymedia).

> Dan
> Quoting Nik Wright <nwright at fastmail.fm>:
>> Apologies if bringing this 'personal' issue to this list is not
>> appropriate; I have sent emails via the India Indymdia contact address
>> previously but have been consistently bounced.
>> My concern relates to a series of ad hominem attacks which have appeared
>> on a number of Indymedia sites including India Indymedia:
>> http://india.indymedia.org/en/2003/10/8160.shtml
>> see reply dated 26.01.06 - (final submission as of 22.03.06)
>> I appear to be the person attacked in the reply as both my name, and
>> those of my daughter and ex partner are given accurately. Given that
>> neither my daughter nor ex partner have any connection with the Rawat
>> cult, nor with criticism of it, and as the accusations against me are
>> wholly untrue, I would hope that the reply of 26.01.06 would be removed.
>> This material first appeared on Sydney Indymedia last September, and was
>> removed from that site at my request, soon after it appeared. As in the
>> India Indymedia case the author's quoted email address was fake.
>> I have written openly about the Rawat cult and am more than happy to
>> answer criticisms of my actions in relation to what I have written -
>> what can not be acceptable is drawing in my family and making
>> unsupported allegations of criminal activity.
>> Thanks for giving this your attention.
>> Nik
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>> http://india.indymedia.org/en/2003/10/8160.shtml
>> John HAmat 26/01/2006 22:56
>> Hamat at yahoo.com
>> This article was written by a well known member of a hate group named
>> NIk Wright, who publishes under the alias Andrew Carpenter or John
>> Carpenter. He is married to Sally WRight and is father of Emma Wright,
>> who are not aware of his hateful activities. Nik WRight spends most of
>> his time (his lives on disability but still works illegally to increase
>> his income) posting hateful comments on hate sites on the internet. He
>> is one of the most prolific and hateful posters on the net.
>> Dont be fooled, this article is not real journalism, it is a pure
>> expression of gratuitous hate.
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