[imc-irl-outreach] Deletion of Post - NOv 27 2006

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Tue Nov 28 16:33:46 UTC 2006

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From: dinny the farmer ( mailto:donnacha.obrien at yahoo.co.uk )

Hi there i just want to query the deletion of a Post yesterday Nov 27 2006, in the evening. 

The comment was by someone called katiem - private citizen

and the title was Whaa..?

The title was offputting and incorrect, yet the subject matter of the Post seem very relevant. 

Someone from Belmullet wanting to enter a debate about the merits of the shell to sea campaign....

If the title was wrong, is that justification for moving it? i think not.....is it not possible to change the title?

It seems that this is a case of censorship....I have an interest in this as i am one of the people who spent quite a good length of time drafting a response to this person's criticisms.

I believe deleting this post is counter productive.... 
These people's criticisms must be engaged with.
That can only be positive for the movement.

Please re-instate the Post and the comment threads which you also deleted, and allow this debate to continue freely.

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