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Paula Geraghty mspgeraghty at yahoo.ie
Wed Nov 29 10:50:56 PST 2006

--- Mark Grehan <mark at grehan.ie> wrote:

> > Could I propose we use the events listings as a
> kick off? For example - on
> > Sat. there is a shell to sea protest at the same
> time some of us should be
> > in Seomra Spraoi - is anybody from this list
> going? Can we try and support
> > with telephone updates etc.? Work on a feature
> proposal on Sat evening
> > which would have pics and written reports and some
> background?
> > 
> 	I will be at the Shell to Sea demo on saturday. I
> don't have a
> camera though. There is a meeting after the demo to
> discuss a national
> committee/national assembly which I am hoping to
> attend also.
> > If we could start throwing events we are going to
> attend up on this list
> > to check if someone else will be there with a
> camera / to write a report
> > we could co-ordinate coverage a bit.
> > 
> 	Excellent proposal if most of us write reports for
> half of what we
> attend there would be a lot more news items on the
> newswire
> 	Mark
Hi, I'm not sure if my emails are getting through
I can photo the Labour youth just before it....
It'll be people standing holding placards- usual PR
stuff. And then I can head to leeson st. for more
We'll just get statred on this and see where the
magical mystery tour takes us!



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