[Imc-ireland-video] documentary film on proportional representation

lisa lisa at streetlevelvideo.org
Mon Mar 7 15:58:54 PST 2005

Dear Indymedia.ie

I’m a filmmaker in Los Angeles, California and the co-founder of artacts.org.
Our current documentary project, "Behind the Curtain: the truth about America’s
winner-take-all democracy," is about IRV and proportional representation. I
want to show Americans what’s possible and what the rest of the world is doing.
And of course, the Republic of Ireland has about the best electoral system in
the world, so I will be spending a good bit of time comparing your system to

I’ll be coming to Ireland in May to shoot some footage and would love to meet
with other independent filmmakers who might be interested in collaborating with
me on this project.

I won’t go into more detail now, but if anyone on this list is interested in
the project, please email me at lisa at streetlevelvideo.org

Also, please forward this on to anyone you think might be interested. Thanks so


Lisa Scott

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