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Kimci kimcosmos at myrealbox.com
Mon Nov 15 10:41:48 PST 2004

We would like you to block the dissafiliation proposal [even after the due date] because time is needed to mount a proper defence of ourself instead of the show trial we are currently facing. I suggest blocking it for 3 months to allow time for groups to properly consider the issues. Many new accusations have been made and we have to carefully rebut them. We still want Oceania to answer for its actions but we have never set them a deadline. We gave CAT 18 months and we haven't acted on that yet.

Our centre recently had the rent stolen and consequently 3/8 of the residents changed. I moved in to help the transition. We have also had to set up a new server, wire the house [server 2 floors above the studio] and mount a defense. The timeline for consensus given by MIMC is a joke.

We also suspect that this is actually an attempted coupe by KimK rather than a simple dissafiliation. See http://www.members.optusnet.com.au/~kkaoss/news.html
NIMC policy is that in disputes like this another group should form. The proposal should be reworded to reflect that.

I also suggest you block because silence is not consensus. I suggest that there be a new cities list called citiesxb.inc without Brisbane on it. That way if groups really don't want BIMC on their list they have to take action to remove it. This is better proof of NIMC consensus.

It does set a big precedent. The nepotism from the big IMCs is scary and must be slowed. In particular, tactics like GDMs of nominating a person I am in dispute with [Clara] to be a process list facilitator with himself. Process facilitators are approved by the existing process facilitators after 5 days of no objections by themselves. Liaisons objections can be ignored. I assume the same thing occurs on the Oceania list. Kind of concensus centralism. It does entrench the power of the older and bigger groups a lot. 

Time is needed for a proper hearing.

Mine and Shauns replies to the proposal to ban me from the Oceania list were blocked before the ban came into force. I have been unsubscribed from the process list and Clara is refusing my posts because she 'doesn't believe' our liaison has changed [the old one left for Canberra]. My sub request to the communication list hasn't come through etc. We face this sort of behaviour a lot.

So yes please send your block immediately as individuals and a group. Don't wait until your sub clears. Send it twice.

See http://lists.cat.org.au/pipermail/imc-brisbane/Week-of-Mon-20041115/001766.html for our latest minutes.

In solidarity [not unity]
Kim Cosmos

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> Hello Darwin Indy collective
> I believe that we should block the disaffiliation of
> Brisbane Indymedia.
> First of all... who is our liaison on the global
> indymedia list... I can't remember us discussing this
> at a meeting, we may have, but I can't remember who we
> nominated.
> The reason I ask that is because it is our liaison on
> the global imc process list (that I have just joined)
> is the person who would put forward a block if we as a
> collective decided to do that.
> I am extremely concerned that this sets a precedent
> for smaller indymedia sites to be shut down.
> We could well be next on their list.
> Gaz
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