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Sat Nov 20 23:30:22 PST 2004

ini Agenda yg lagi di diskusikan indymedia oceania (tolong dibaca ya):


ini hasil chat (sementara) tgl 21 nov, jam 2:29

[14:05] <wowi> hoepfully he'll come too 

[14:05] <wowi> i'll see if i can call him..

[14:05] * wowi wanders off

[14:05] <Vic> great... hope this meeting goes well

[14:05] <wowi> me too 

[14:06] <wowi> we have a whole heap of burma people driving to net connection to join us

[14:07] *** anivar [~anivar at] has joined #oceania

[14:07] <Vic> fantastic... are they in india?

[14:07] <Vic> welcome anivar

[14:07] <wowi> :)

[14:07] <Vic> glad you could make it

[14:07] <anivar> hi vic

[14:07] <wowi> hullo anivar

[14:07] <anivar> hai wowi

[14:08] <pabs> hoi anivar 

[14:09] <Vic> hi pabs

[14:09] <anivar> vic i got an invitation from CED banglure for there Documentation centre's meeting

[14:09] <anivar> i gave u'r Id to them

[14:09] *** shekhar [~shekhar at] has joined #oceania

[14:10] <Vic> yes i just heard about it

[14:10] *** mode/#oceania [+o shekhar] by pabs

[14:10] <anivar> hai shekhar

[14:10] <Vic> i am actually in bangalore now, for two weeks

[14:10] *** mode/#oceania [+o anivar] by pabs

[14:10] <shekhar> hello all. vickram just called me into this channel.

[14:10] <Vic> i thought the ced meeting is in Mumbai in december?

[14:10] <anivar> It is on Dec 10-14

[14:10] <anivar> banglore

[14:10] <Vic> oh darn

[14:11] <anivar> oneworld, indiatogether counter current etc r participating in it

[14:11] <Vic> ok... shekar is here

[14:11] <shekhar> for the ced meeting please join http://lists.crit.org.in/mailman/listinfo/dcm

[14:11] <shekhar> and see http://crit.org.in/networks/dcm

[14:12] <Vic> ty

[14:12] <anivar> k

[14:13] <wowi> great.. andy gdm and shane are joining in soon

[14:13] <Vic> anivar r u here in bangalore?

[14:14] <anivar> No in kerala now

[14:14] <wowi> imc india peeps, andy will probably be going tto asia source

[14:14] <Vic> ok

[14:14] <Vic> unfortunately i am fm mumbai

[14:14] <anivar> i am also participating.

[14:14] <Vic> but if he plans coming thru mumbai wd love to meet

[14:14] * halo back

[14:14] <wowi> great :)

[14:15] *** gdm [irc at localhost] has joined #oceania

[14:15] *** mode/#oceania [+o gdm] by ChanServ

[14:15] <wowi> salut gdm :)

[14:15] <ngaur> hi gdm

[14:15] <gdm> salut!

[14:16] <gdm> just gonna grab food,

[14:16] <gdm> brb

[14:17] <anivar> when we start?

[14:17] <Vic> good point ;)

[14:17] <pabs> shall we wait for the burma people?

[14:17] <wowi> soon

[14:17] <wowi> we're still waiting for a truckload of burma imc peeps

[14:17] <wowi> and some filipinos too

[14:17] <Vic> we need to leave here in abt half an hour

[14:17] <wowi> ok.

[14:17] <Vic> sorry

[14:18] <wowi> well we can start talking now

[14:18] <Vic> yes

[14:18] <anivar> ok

[14:18] <pabs> agenda: http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Local/AsiaPacificSolidarityMeeting1

[14:18] <wowi> there are things i've already discussed with qc, manila, and burma

[14:18] <Vic> my comp is havbing probs running the browser... makes life v difficult

[14:18] <wowi> ok

[14:18] <Vic> but i will check it soon

[14:19] <wowi> ok

[14:19] <halo> so.. who wants to facilitate?

[14:19] <wowi> what we've been discussing in oceania

[14:19] <wowi> (do we need it?)

[14:19] <wowi> what we've been discussing in oceania is solidarity with asia pacifica imcs..

[14:19] <wowi> and qc has suggested an informal network..

[14:20] <halo> well.. no harm in having one ;)

[14:20] <wowi> for the asia pacific

[14:20] <wowi> there are to basic ideas for starters

[14:20] <wowi> that have been discussed..

[14:20] <Vic> ok... pt 1... to talk from india perspective

[14:20] <wowi> yup?

[14:21] <Vic> we do not have a formal network of any kind rt now

[14:21] <wowi> in india

[14:21] <Vic> v few local participants

[14:21] <wowi> is there only one imc?

[14:21] <wowi> yes..

[14:21] <anivar> yes

[14:21] <Vic> mostly fm us and europe

[14:21] <Vic> there was a mumbai imc but it died

[14:21] <wowi> i guess the idea of such a network would be to consolidate efforts of already acitve imc people

[14:21] <wowi> yes..

[14:22] <Vic> i really like the idea of an informal network... but it needs loads of good people to make it work

[14:22] <Vic> we have many contributors... for writing

[14:22] <wowi> the other idea of such a network would be so that expats/exiles and the diasporic asian community could also help... so that there is less work for local imcistas

[14:22] <Vic> and many visitors to india

[14:22] <wowi> Vic: i agree

[14:22] <wowi> it's still early days..

[14:22] *** shekhar [~shekhar at] has quit [Quit: shekhar]

[14:23] <wowi> there are 2 ideas to build it though..

[14:23] <wowi> 1. a list.. for interested people.. to skill share/ work collaboratively/ mutual aid projects
[14:23] <Vic> understood... but my experience is that the expats are mostly students who hv other commitments

[14:23] <wowi> 2. a solidarity call out.. to get more people involved

[14:23] *** shekhar [~shekhar at] has joined #oceania

[14:23] <wowi> Vic: yes.. we all do.. but there are surely some people.. it is worth a try

[14:24] <Vic> 2 is v critical for us

[14:24] *** alext [cgiirc at] has joined #oceania

[14:24] <wowi> yes definitely

[14:24] <wowi> hi alext !

[14:24] *** mode/#oceania [+oo alext shekhar] by wowi

[14:24] <Vic> i know... emotionally i am with you but practically it has been a huge repsonsibility and not much help that i can depend on

[14:24] *** alext [cgiirc at] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]

[14:25] *** alex [cgiirc at] has joined #oceania

[14:25] <alex> hi wowi!

[14:25] <wowi> Vic: i understand

[14:25] <shekhar> Vic: indymedia mumbai and india both died because they need a community to sustain them and the people involved are young and move on quickly...

[14:25] <alex> hi everyone! made a mistaske typing my own name hehehe

[14:25] <wowi> my hope was that more people would get involevd to alleviate the load

[14:25] <wowi> especially people in oceania who have good and regular net access

[14:25] <Vic> so i wd welcome more peep getting involved ,... in india and out

[14:25] *** mode/#oceania [+o alex] by pabs

[14:25] <wowi> we have a huge asian community in australia for example

[14:26] <wowi> Vic: exactly

[14:26] <wowi> here was the idea http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Local/AsiaPacificSolidarityCall

[14:26] <Vic> yes if that happens i for one will be able to do more myself

[14:26] <wowi> to be written/ signed by a number of imcs
[14:27] <Vic> right

[14:27] <Vic> do we hv a draft on wiki?

[14:27] <wowi> Vic: what do you think of the idea of a list? so we can continue working on this project together.. that way people can do as much or as little as part of an informal collective committed to an asia-pacific project

[14:27] <wowi> Vic: i can write one and put one up this week if you like

[14:27] <Vic> we hv a list but again not much action on it

[14:27] <Vic> i need help running the list too :-)

[14:28] <Vic> sorry to whinge

[14:28] <wowi> NO!

[14:28] <wowi> :)

[14:28] <wowi> what kind of help?

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