[Imc-jhb] National Indymedia Meeting

Peter van Heusden pvh at wfeet.za.net
Mon May 16 13:07:34 PDT 2005

Hi Jo'burg comrades

At the start of this year, the Cape Town collective decided that we
would like to have some form of national Indymedia South Africa meeting
this year. We have come a long way in the last year since we have been
meeting as a collective, and have undergone a long process of self
definition, resulting in a set of policies and a constitution that is
almost complete. We do, however, feel out of touch with the Jo'burg
collective, and we feel that there is little that defines as Indymedia
South Africa instead of Indymedia Cape Town (and occassionaly Mosselbaai).

Originally we proposed to have such a meeting in Cape Town, but we hear
that Jo'burg is planning some kind of media school that can include the
national meeting. We would like clarity on this proposal, and also on
Jo'burg's attitude towards a national meeting: should we have one? Do
Jo'burg comrades feel we need to work together as Indymedia South Africa?

A further issue is that we are looking into sending comrades to Zimbabwe
for the Southern African Social Forum in October. Of course, ideally
this would be an Indymedia South Africa initiative, not just a Cape Town

We look forward to hearing from you comrades on these issues, preferably
before our next meeting on the 29th of May 2005.

Comradely yours,
for the Cape Town collective of Indymedia South Africa

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