[Imc-jhb] Southern African Indymedia Meeting

Andreas Spath andreas_spath at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 14 23:40:00 PST 2006

Southern African Indymedia Meeting

The Indymedia collective in Cape Town has been talking
about the possibility of organising a gathering of
comrades working in Indymedia and other independent
media in southern Africa.

The idea is to bring together individuals and groups
from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Zimbabwe and
other parts of Africa at a meeting where we can
exchange experiences, share skills, discuss
organisational issues and visions, and of course to
get to know each other socially.

To ensure that the event will not become just another
talkshop we think it would be great if we could
actually produce and distribute media covering
struggles that are happening in the community where
the meeting will be held during the time we are there.

We have not discussed a date, duration, venue,
transport or funding for such an event in great detail
as yet, but there is a suggestion of holding it in
Durban, a current hotbed of social society activity,
and that it should last for at least a long weekend or
even for a whole week.

Please forward this message to any individuals or
groups you think might be interested in this project.

The Cape Town collective has put together several
items we thought could be addressed at the meeting,
and although these could form the framework for an
eventual programme/agenda, we would like anybody who
wants to be involved in this to help us flesh out the
issues, add further items and critique the current

1 - Organisational Issues
(How do the different collectives operate? How do we
continue to build each local collective and Indymedia
nationally? What is the relationship and level of
cooperation between the different collectives. Do we
have/need constitutions for collectives? Should
collective members receive salaries/payment? How does
the work we do compare to our principles? On an
"ideological" level, what sort of organisation do we
see ourselves growing into?)

2 - Focus Areas
(What news do we cover, e.g. housing, electricity,
water, labour, education struggles, elections,
globalisation issues, etc.?)

3 - Media
(What are our experiences with the various forms of
media we produce, e.g. newsletters, video and audio?
How do we effectively distribute our media?)

4 - Fundraising
(How do we access funds and raise money? Who do we get
funding from and are our funders' principles and
activities compatible with our own?)

5 - Skill Shares / Training Workshops
(Share our skills in writing, photography,
interviewing, video and audio production, etc. Perhaps
bring in outside "experts" as well.)

6 - World Social Forum 2007 in Nairobi
(An overland media caravan from SA to Kenya has been
suggested. Whatever we decide to do, we'll need to
plan our involvement early enough to make it a

If you are interested in participating in this
meeting, if you want to get involved in organising the
meeting, or if you have any suggestions, ideas,
criticisms or comments, please contact the Cape Town
Indymedia collective (IMC-CT at lists.indymedia.org),
Andreas (Andreas_Spath at yahoo.com) or Buyani
(2253725 at uwc.ac.za).

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