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Fri Dec 17 23:17:38 PST 2004

Grettings everybody. Before we take future installments of this
discussion to kc-editorial, I want to bring this up on imc-kc-announce
so that folks can see what we are doing and get involved. At our meeting
on Tuesday night, we talked about several ideas for features. One idea
is to put together a series of features on civil liberties. The first
feature would summarize the recent ACLU case against police spying and
the harassment of activists locally. My first dratf of that feature is
below. The second installment in this series would be a look at the
recent insertion of Patriot Act 2 proposals into the pending Homeland
Security overhaul. This feature would also touch on the National ID Card
  measures snuck into the new laws.



Government repression of dissenters continues

On December 2, 2004, the American Civil Liberties Union filed multiple 
FOIA requests around the United States to uncover which police 
departments are spying on which activists. The legal action seeks to 
determine how the FBI and local police departments are using Joint 
Terrorism Task Forces to engage in political surveillance of activist 

Activists and activist groups in the Midwest have been subject to FBI 
surveillance and harassment this year. In August, anarchists in Kansas 
City, Kirksville, Columbia, St. Louis, Lawrence, Omaha, and Colorado 
were the target of an FBI investigation relating to the party political 
conventions being held in Boston and New York. In February, an anti-war 
conference in Iowa City was targeted by federal judge who sought to 
subpoena documents about the conference. Local activists in Kansas City 
have been surveilled during peace demonstrations and harassed at other 

ACLU Launches Nationwide Effort to Expose Illegal FBI Spying on 
Political and Religious Groups

Government Repression in Iowa Backfires

Students undeterred as FBI targets activists around the country

FBI harassment of Midwest anarchist continues

FBI Interrogation: A Mark of Achievement

Anti-Terrorism Tip: Quit Spying on Nonviolent Activists

Democrats call for probe after FBI questions Lawrence anarchists

Interrogating the Protesters

Squelching protest/The great American hush-up

and many more...

Second civil liberties feature

Stealth Patriot Act II Signed Into Law

On Friday, December 17, 2004, President George W. Bush signed "The 
Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004" into law. Many 
civil liberties advocates have raised alarms about provisions contained 
in this new law, prompting some to call it "Patriot Act II."


ACLU, Conservative and Liberal Allies Denounce National ID Card Plan in 
Intelligence Reform Bill

ACLU Disappointed With ‘Intelligence Reform’ Bill Passage, Final Measure 
Still Contains Unneeded Attacks on Privacy and Freedom

Ron Paul Denounces National ID Card

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