[Imc-kc-editorial] Terrorism or Nazism?? Take a chance and keep freedom, or submit to new western hitlers by choice???

Archer acwynn at bigpond.net.au
Sun Sep 18 17:25:37 PDT 2005

I am
Australian, however, the future of Australia and it's freedoms do lie with
America, so America goes, so Australia follows.  I feel that this would be a
good reference point for you that the lives of many nations are at stake, and if
such rights and freedoms are lost to America, they are lost to us all.

A point that should be made to the American people regarding Nazism and such
tactics is this; if we no longer believe that we are not afraid, if we no
longer believe that they can take our lives but they will never take our
freedom, if we no longer believe these things, because we choose to take those
freedoms away ourselves, why are our troops dying for no reason?  If we are
going to take away freedom what is the waste of life overseas for?  If we
seriously wish to keep them and fight for them; then don't do the terrorists
job for them. There are those of us who would still walk into battle against
terrorism with as little as a sword, for the right to be free, and speak

Speak now against detention without charge, speak now about electronic tags on
people merely for suspicion, speak now against deportation of Americans from
Australia without charge or published reason, speak now against the terrorist
laws being used to silence protesters of free speech.

The roman empire was never rebuilt, nor the Mongolian, nor the Soviet, nor any
other in history, if America falls to tyranny, it will be the end of all
dreams, black, white, Hispanic and for democracies around the world.

Mr Bush do not use our name to say we do these things in the name of freedom or
to make the world a better place, that is simply a repeat of what Hitler said to remove freedom and free speech.

The Priminster of Australia  has bought in laws to arrest and detain without charge for 
14 days and without access to a  lawyer for Australian citizens and refusal to answer questions
 is 5 years in prison, and new laws for Nazi Jew tagging for suspicion without charge or evidence
 and made to wear a numbered tag for 1 year for sedition or speaking out against the government.  

The Answer is simple.


When oft we think ourselves as kings
doing deals and running rings
round Spanish ships of public floats
in office castles bound by moats

We sometimes in the distance hear 
the sound of which all smart men fear
a pirate rouge whose canon blast
can smash the highest profit mast

We never deal, we hold our ground
whilst ship and castle tumble down
with battles fought, the war not won
all must agree, the time has come
to dream the dream, and plan in pen
of what will make us, better men.

I wrote that many years ago of Bill Gates and Microsoft, and thought it amusing how the entrepreneurial pirate
had risen to become king, only to have to fight off all the new pirates spouting unfairness, when their goal is also to be king.
Life, business and politics are all the same. One cannot take his sister in-law to the marriage councillor instead of his wife, 
as one cannot talk to the inhabitants of a country and exclude the very people they are at war with. Meetings with all but the 
extremists or your enemy are futile.

Whilst most of the extremist element in Iraq is gone from a political aspect, the new era is that of revenge for 
the brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters killed in the name of ridding the country of 
one man, Tomahawk missiles kill civilians also, hence a new wave of those who seek revenge, so it can 
never end, for each one you kill 5 family members will join the cause, and is the reason your violence
 is escalating.  You must speak with them and come to an agreement, many of their number are political 
activists like we have, that are not violent, and like many of our own,have risen to politics, so should they be 
allowed to be represented, to deny this is to make civil war a certainty. They don't want you dead as much 
as they want you out, this will never happen until they feel they are victorious in some reasonable manner.  
Asking them to come to a public place to be identified and followed and shot, is a waste of time, one must 
go with them in good faith, be it blindfolded to a place of their choosing or whatever, but speak you must.

Your major error is that you think you would be negotiating with terrorists, this is appearing to be half the population of the country, and
if someone killed your child you would want justice, and where the killer is not accountable with anymore than a sorry bout that remark
then you do what any good father would do, as i would do. kill the murderer myself. An accident is a stray missile,
perhaps even two, but endless deaths, with the knowledge that each time you fire one this will occur is murder,
and is seen by them as such, and rightly so. crimes punished by sentences equal to or greater than the 15 year parole period for life, incite criminals to kill the any witness, life sentence prisoners with no parole kill gaurds and other inmates as there can be no further punishment; you offer your enemies in Iraq nothing but death, against people prepared to kill themselves????? not very frightening to them!!!  Clearly no IQ test for politicians, and no great men left to conceed a compromise.

During life and in battle we dig trenches to protect ourselves, the greater the threat, the deeper the trench.
When you realize the trench is so deep you can barely see the top, the question is not, should you dig sideways
with the  fragile and collapsing walls, or should you stay and scream out loud for a ladder; the question is, do you even realize
it is no longer a trench, but simply a hole.

If you are not able to find a man to speak to them for fear of death. Call me
Archer Quinn.

archer at netknight.org 
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