[Imc-kenya] [Imc-ovl-edito] popelin [your webserver] running out of resources

anarsteven anarsteven at telenet.be
Fri Aug 22 02:42:09 PDT 2008

hi all,

I got an answer of kwadronaut, which I will translate now.

He says that the options to keep our server are:
-upgrading from 'simple' to 'recommended'  (see: 
http://all2all.org/web-hostings/virtual/compare/  and
- Look for a cheaper spot.

Kwadronaut prefers All2All because of their special service and 

An 'upgrade' would cost 100 euro more or something than last year, although 
it isn't all clear for me. I guess the total costs for all the servers 
together would be like 350 or 400 euro a year (500 or 600 dollar).

I guess it was last october when we made a kind of solidarity mathematics so 
we could see which collective payed how much. I don't see it as a big 
problem if imc ovl would pay like 100 euro a year or something (or maybe a 
little more...).

Kwadronaut also mentioned that he would appreciate it when he would no 
longer have to be the official contactperson for the popelinserver, but that 
all2all (who owns popelin) is already happy when there is a collective or 
organisation that gives it signature.

I don't think that we, in Belgium, have to be too paranoid about harassment 
from the court when certain stuff appears on our site, as long as the 
editors are aware of their important role as censors (in case of racism, 
death threats, etc).

So now I have some questions for all of you:
a) who is reached on this list??? I'm afraid most of the mails did NOT come 
through from my computer.
b) Is it okay that we stay with ALL2ALL?
c) Who proposes a finance sharing solution?
d) Has anybody got an idea what organisation could be official contactperson 
from now on? We CAN be creative with it. And I'm not afraid to give my name 
or address, if necessary.

cheerz and hope to get this fixed very soon.

member imc ovl 

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