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I'll reply shortly only to some points:

Currently kenya imc is hosted at popelin, a server in Europe

Publishing can be reactivated on short notice, you can call me, e-mail
to popelin-sysad at lists.indymedia.org or popelin-tech at

On popelin we're running only sf-active websites. Sf-active is the
software that makes kenya.indymedia.org run (cms).

For me it's absolutely not clear what you're looking for. Do you want
new software, another server, different people to run the software and
the server? Did you just forget whom to contact to reactivate the
publishing? I can only guess or presume and prefer not to do so.

If for some reason there wouldn't be enough diskspace or bandwidth
(which i doubt), it's possible to upgrade the current vserver on short
notice as well, altough we don't have the funds for that.

Strength and greetings,


On Wed, 2008-01-02 at 03:04 -0800, Bwakali David John wrote:
> But what can you and I do to stop this violent, raging fire that is
> razing down innocent Kenyan lives? 
> 1.      Share this information far and wide: Send this piece to your
> local newsrooms and radio stations. When more and more people are
> informed, more possibilities avail themselves. 
> 2.      Volunteer as a web designer for the Kenya Independent Media
> (Indymedia) website: The Kenya Indymedia website can and should act as
> a platform for accurate and widespread expression. We need to publish
> dozens of first account stories that may not make it to the mainstream
> media. We also need to publish photos, audio and video. We therefore
> need volunteer web designers and programmers to work on it
> consistently for a period of 2 - 3 months as the Kenya Indymedia team
> builds its web designing and programming capability. As Kenya
> Indymedia, we now need to communicate to the world what is really
> happening and a vibrant website will be one way of doing this. We are
> liaising with national movement known as Million Youth Action to call
> and text people from across the country, moreso the worst hit areas of
> western Kenya and Rift Valley, so that we can in turn share their
> stories. This way, statistics will cease to be cold figures and they
> will take on a personal, human angle.
> 3.      Host the Kenya Independent media website: In order to enable a
> download of videos, images and audio of this conflict, the website
> needs to have sufficient space. We would like to use this site to keep
> track of all the Kenyans who are needlessly losing their lives,
> getting injured, robbed and displaced in this post-electoral violence.
> We would also like to use it to keep track of who is instigating,
> undertaking and condoning this violence. Even more important, we would
> like to know the victims of this violence so that we can reach out to
> them one way or another, in our own small way.
> 4.      Mobile phone communication: The only way that most endangered
> people can communicate and be communicated to, is through mobile
> phones. We would like to distribute mobile phone air time to as many
> people as possible so that we can enable them to communicate about
> what happened, is happening or may be about to happen. As already
> mentioned we will file all this communication on the website and pass
> it on to relevant authorities. One dollar will provide four minutes
> air time. These four minutes may make a difference between life and
> death.
> 5.      Help relocate someone from a danger zone: This violence has
> taken on ethnic dimensions, which means that people from certain
> communities are now no longer safe in certain places in which they are
> the minorities. Property belonging to such individuals is being looted
> and destroyed. Even worse, their lives are in grave danger. Many of
> them are however not able to flee since many public means of transport
> have suspended their services due to rampant insecurity on the roads.
> We intend to relocate such people through any means possible. This
> includes tipping food delivery trucks, cargo trains, newspaper vans
> and any other vehicles that are moving from one point to another for
> whatever reason.   
> 6.      Help feed a relocated person: we have identified and are
> continuing to identify families in Nairobi and other parts of the
> country that can temporarily host relocated persons. As this is a
> grassroots movement with an emphasis on grassroots solutions, we
> intend to temporarily host displaced persons in host families. These
> families will greatly appreciate whatever food supplements we can give
> them.
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